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If your company is struggling to find and retain workers or has culture issues, help is on the way.

You can transform your organization with the right information, employer brand, technology, culture, workers, and partner.

We provide the following services for our clients:


HR Assessments to Build HR Capability


Recruiting with Artificial Intelligence


Culture Assessments to Improve  Innovation


Executive Workshops


Leadership and Teams Coaching and Training


Assad Victor - 0205 (2)I’m Victor Assad, and I am the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and Managing Partner of InnovationOne. We don’t limit ourselves to one focus area in HR because improving your HR capability and culture requires an integrated approach.

I invite you to explore this website to learn about who we work with, how we work, and the full suite of services we offer. Please sign up for my free and valuable weekly blogs.


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Improve employee productivity and retention with in-person onboarding in 2021

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Victor Assad provided us a broad and thorough HR assessment which identified several areas for us to improve our HR processes and drive business success. We appreciate how he also offered us practical steps to implement his recommendations and showed us the return on our investment for doing so.  His expertise in all areas of both regulatory and applied HR has been of enormous help to us.

Ellen Aigner, Monterrey Tile Company

Victor Assad has worked with us to integrate state-of-the art digital technology and to align our work process with the new technology.  The result has been improved employee training, work processes and sales.

Ron Mnieckowski, Partner, Operations, Maximus Real Estate Partners

Victor Assad brought invaluable experience from a solid corporate legacy position to help me better understand the US environment and the challenges I would face when making investment decisions on optimizing my customer-facing organization to execute on my company’s commercialization strategy.

In an easy approach and highly collaborative manner he proactively developed tangible solutions to issues such as ‘healthcare compliance’, ‘pay and commission structures’ and ‘recruitment policies’ that I faced as I developed the sales organization.

Victor excels at grasping the complexities of a specific situation and then applying his experience to bring solutions that are simple to understand and to implement.

I would strongly recommend Victor as somebody who would add value to a leadership team eager to bring a fresh insight to their sales organization or as someone to give pragmatic guidance to an executive working through a specific HR related challenge.

James Hallums, Chief Commercial Officer – Claret Medical Inc.

Vic is a strategic HR leader with a deep and broad understanding of HR and a strong business acumen. He is very good at aligning HR strategies to business imperatives, as well as developing and driving creative programs and change initiatives that truly have an impact on the business and talent. I partnered with our sales organization, and Vic offered good advice on how to maximize the performance of sales with employee engagement, compensation, and talent management efforts.

Nicole Beech, Senior Human Resources Manager, Medtronic Cardiac and Vascular Group

Victor is the consummate professional and provided outstanding leadership related to all aspects of human resources. He found creative solutions to manage challenging problems and was always a great thought partner.

Mitchell Sugarman, Vice President of Health Economics, Policy and Payment at Medtronic Cardiac and Vascular Group

Victor was a very helpful and collaborative HR business partner who understood the needs of the business and implemented practical solutions and strategies to attract, retain, and motivate employees. His leadership on flexible workplace and implementing the Northern California wage adjustment were most recognized among his many contributions. He helped me tremendously on the diversity and inclusion work that I led for the business.

Vipul Sheth, Vice President Corporate Quality, Medtronic

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