Strategic Initiatives

Victor Assad has the strategic thinking, partnering and analysis skills to guide executives through the challenging and complex talent management and organization capability opportunities facing them. These opportunities include organization design and restructuring, accelerating change, improving human resources effectiveness and implementing teleworking or flexible workplace environments.


Organization Design and Restructuring 

Galbright_star_modelI have worked with executives on over a dozen major organization designs, restructuring, or to launch new businesses or sales forces. My work often begins with facilitating executive strategy meetings, working with executives on the design and alignment of human resources practices (such as recruiting, performance management, rewards, development and systems). I coach executives on the often overlooked performance management and accelerating change practices that help overcome the barriers to new strategy implementation.


Accelerating Change

change-managementChange is a constant. Yet, 70% of all strategies fail largely because executives do not take into account the need to address the confusion, concerns and fears among the employee culture; or they race to implement organization structures without taking into consideration the importance to clarity new roles, information flows, and decision rights. Using the John Kotter Change Management model, backed-up with years of experience, I work with executives to overcome the barriers to strategy execution and to successfully accelerate change and improve business performance. For more on my approach to accelerating change, I invite you to read my blog, “Your employee culture is tangible, measurable and will make or break your strategies!” at


Improving Human Resources Effectiveness

study-sustainable-engagement-improves-employee-wellbeing-and-company-successI apply my deep experience and success leading global human resources organization to improve the effectiveness of the human resources department. This work often begins with working with executive and human resources teams to align human resources to the strategies of the organization and then using process improvement tools, technology and the latest research to improve human resources effectiveness.  This manifests itself in changes such as:

  • Accelerating hiring by 50%, while cutting the cost per hire by 25% and improving the quality of candidates hired
  • Improving company performance by updating outdated performance management practices, eliminating rack and stack and ratings, and putting the emphasis on timely employee feedback, recognition and development! Learn more by downloading my white paper “Performance Management” from my homepage.
  • Aligning compensation practices to direct “line-of-sight”, and rewarding the best performing teams and individuals.
  • Updating learning and development organizations so their focus is on key company strategy implementation and delivering a return on investment to the organization.


Flexible Work Place

how_to_find_legit_work_from_home_4141_dv342177Whether called telecommuting, teleworking, or mobile work, flexible work arrangements are highly valued by workers (millennials, gen X, and baby boomers) and companies because they create engaged employees who are more productive and loyal have more control over their work-life integration. In order to learn more read my blogs on flexible work place or download my free white paper, “Form Follows Function” on my Free Stuff tab.

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