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Recruiters and human resources now have the same tools available to them that have been available for years to marketing leaders: chatbots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and soon blockchain.

HR leaders can transform HR and make it more strategic and  analytical, and an essential partner for driving profitable growth in companies. HR leaders can build employer brand just as effectively as marketing leaders build a company’s customer brand.

It is time to put these digital tools to use.

Through the skillful use of empirical research, case studies, and his over 30 years of work in human resources upgrading recruiting functions across the country, Victor Assad draws a vision of how companies will create and draw employees to their employer brand in the 2020s.

In Hack Recruiting, you will learn about:

  • Digital technologies that enable companies to promote their employer brand, draw great job candidates, and move them through a digital recruiting process at lightning speed.
  • Case studies for building a company’s employer brand.
  • Instantaneous digital communicates with your job candidates, shepherding them through the job application process, improving their experience and your brand.
  • Lessons from industrial-organizational psychologists regarding the best methods for selecting job candidates without bias.
  • Thirteen examples of structured interviews for technical, leadership, and executive roles.
  • Case studies on streamlined recruiting processes and training, and how investment in process and recruiting technology reduces time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and employee turnover, while improving the quality of hires, and providing the company with a return on its investment.
  • A new game-changing recruiting metric: the net promoter score for recruiting, and other insightful measures and benchmarks to improve your recruiting process and success.
  • The trends and legal pitfalls in recruiting and how to avoid them.
  • When to use and not use gig workers.
  • How to recruit for Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers.
  • How to increase your success recruiting women and people of color.
  • How to reduce unconscious bias by your computer screening and human interviewers.
  • Hiring strategies during a time of full employment by recruiting veterans, and workers over the age of 55, and the disabled.
  • When and how to recruit America’s over 70 million forgotten adult workers: the formerly incarcerated–who empirical research shows are some of the most loyal and dedicated employees.


Praise for Hack Recruiting

“Hack Recruiting is an essential read for anyone hiring employees or gig workers today—from employer branding to technology to recruiting processes, it offers fresh thinking based on research and years of experience. Victor Assad is a rare author who understands that strategy and metrics drive successful recruiting in a world of intense competition for talent—many kudos to Assad for Hack Recruiting.” 

–Bill Schiemann, Principal, Metrus Institute, Inc.

It is a brilliant piece of work. A must-read for those of us in global corporations, or companies of any size really, that seek to act NOW.”

–Julia Martensen, Head of HR Strategy & Innovation at DB Schenker.

“Victor Assad uncovers longstanding empirical research from I/O psychologists on how to best match job candidates to jobs and the best of today’s digital technology. He sees a world (that is emerging today) in which AI ontologies (which are identifying information and relationships about today’s global and diverse workforces) will make significant improvements for matching candidates to jobs while reducing recruiting cycle times, costs and selection biases. Victor points out that HR now has the digital tools it needs to dramatically transform recruiting and the role of the recruiter.

“During these times of talent shortages, he also encourages CEOs and HR leaders to reach out to America’s forgotten workers and provides helpful screening tips. HR can now build strategic talent pools, improve the employee experience, and digitally collect insightful analytics that will open up a new era of understanding on what truly drives employee performance and innovation. Armed with powerful new digital tools, analytics and measures, Victor asserts, and I would agree, HR can strategically drive business success.”

–Angela Hood, Founder and CEO of ThisWay Global.

“Must read book if you are a recruiter or talent acquisition head. It goes over best practices and hacks each step of recruiting.”

–Sandeep Purwar, Founder/CEO, Bevov

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