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Every company wants to work with the best possible talent and gain a competitive edge through innovation. But is your organization falling behind? Are you finding it hard to attract and retain the best talent, the best leaders, let alone make talent profitable? Is your company’s growth limited by an inability to quickly execute strategy and manage change? And do you struggle with driving consistent innovation in your organization?

1. You Can Have Both group (002)

Since the right talent and a culture of innovation are the most important success factors in any organization, these are things you must make the highest priority. And they are quite doable. You can transform your organization with the right information, strategies and direction. If you don’t, you’ll fall behind and be eaten by your competition.

2. Why Do Most Companies buddies (002)

You’ve developed a successful business model, product or service and put most of your attention on producing and delivering it. But what gets left behind is working on the business’ future instead of in the business’ current state. This happens to all companies. But at a certain point, if you don’t develop a culture and systems for talent strategies and innovation to meet the current complexity and size of your business, you reach your limits to growth.

3.You Need a Commitment board (002)

Most executives don’t understand that companies with strong talent strategies and cultures of innovation have significantly better financial performance and lead their industries by creating continuing value.

Building strong talent organizations and dynamic cultures of innovation are the key to creating companies that are innovative, can quickly implement strategy, and transition through change.

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We work with CEOs, human resources leaders and executive teams who want to transform their organizations to implement their industry-changing strategies and business models. We have the know-how, systems, approaches and commitment to get the job done.



I’m Victor Assad.

I invite you to explore this website to learn about who we work with, how we work and the services we offer to help you take your talent management and innovation to the next level.

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Victor Assad brought invaluable experience from a solid corporate legacy position to help me better understand the US environment and the challenges I would face when making investment decisions on optimizing my customer-facing organization to execute on my company’s commercialization strategy.

In an easy approach and highly collaborative manner he proactively developed tangible solutions to issues such as ‘healthcare compliance’, ‘pay and commission structures’ and ‘recruitment policies’ that I faced as I developed the sales organization.

Victor excels at grasping the complexities of a specific situation and then applying his experience to bring solutions that are simple to understand and to implement.

I would strongly recommend Victor as somebody who would add value to a leadership team eager to bring a fresh insight to their sales organization or as someone to give pragmatic guidance to an executive working through a specific HR related challenge.

Vic is a strategic HR leader with a deep and broad understanding of HR and a strong business acumen. He is very good at aligning HR strategies to business imperatives, as well as developing and driving creative programs and change initiatives that truly have an impact on the business and talent. I partnered with our sales organization, and Vic offered good advice on how to maximize the performance of sales with employee engagement, compensation, and talent management efforts.

Victor is the consummate professional and provided outstanding leadership related to all aspects of human resources. He found creative solutions to manage challenging problems and was always a great thought partner.

Victor was a very helpful and collaborative HR business partner who understood the needs of the business and implemented practical solutions and strategies to attract, retain, and motivate employees. His leadership on flexible workplace and implementing the Northern California wage adjustment were most recognized among his many contributions. He helped me tremendously on the diversity and inclusion work that I led for the business.

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