How We Help

Expect Results

When you work with us, you can expect to see improved talent management strategies and practices, improved leadership, and improvements to your organization’s capability and culture for innovation.

These improvements will help drive business outcomes, create value and provide a return on investment.

For example, we help

  • organizations that have outdated processes and tools for recruiting.  We help them cut their recruiting cycle times in half, improve the quality of their hires and use new digital tools for recruiting, screening and selecting the best candidates.
  • organizations that were using 1990’s style performance management philosophies that stifled their collaboration, teamwork and innovation. We moved them away from ratings and rankings and instead to emphasize performance and development feedback, relationships and accountability. The outcome was better performance and development discussions, fewer arguments over ratings, and more time spent overcoming workplace obstacles.
  • organizations rekindle innovation. We administer our scientifically developed InnovationOne Health Index (IHI), which assesses, benchmarks and identifies strategies to ignite a company’s culture and capability for innovation. Using the recommendations of the IHI, we provide executive workshops, team and leadership training, analytics, and pulse surveys to track progress. Those who stick with it find that they create ongoing value and have better financial performance than their industry peers.
  • organizations plan for growth by identifying new organization designs, the skills and job profiles for the new workforce, pay and incentive structures, and key organizational performance hurdles for success.
  • leaders be more agile communicators to better work with diverse team members and to create dynamic teams that achieve their highest levels of performance and innovation.
  • clients to provide market-focused pay and to be sure they are hiring employees qualified for their job and pay level. Our clients have found that employee satisfaction soared and turnover dramatically fell.
  • organizations learn how new digital technologies can empower  collaboration, innovation, and virtual and co-located teams to be more productive and to reduce unproductive time.

Finally, we encourage clients to think strategically across all the levers of talent management: attracting, developing and leading your talent to create a dynamic innovative experience. 

In our consulting, we typically don’t focus on only one area of talent management. Improving your capability and processes for recruiting, for example, won’t give you a strong return on investment if you pay your workforce 10% below market and have higher turnover than your market-paying competitors.  Why promise new hires a dynamic, innovative work experience and disappoint their high hopes with a tops-down, do-as-I-say compliance culture.

Guiding Principles

We start with the organization’s business strategy, a focus on its market and customers, its opportunities and challenges, and the bottom line. Our principles are to:

  1. Use today’ empirical research on talent management, innovation and leadership and pair it with our multi-domain experience to create incredible insightful for better strategy execution, business outcomes and financial performance.
  2. Use analysis to link talent management and innovation strategies to numbers and diagnose strengths and weaknesses with recommendations on how to improve.
  3. Execution eats strategy for lunch. Excellent business strategy execution begins after the market and financial analysis, the cogent business strategy is articulated and the organization structure is set. The real strategy execution work is clarifying the roles and responsibilities, information flows and decision rights for the new strategy, milestones and measures, and leading the change.
  4. Innovate and improve relentlessly.  Innovation doesn’t succeed as a stand alone project, new technology, or software.  It is a culture that relentlessly drives for new innovation and improvement.
  5. Work with executive teams to define the higher-life purpose for their organizations. It is the organization’s purpose that creates a strong link to each employee’s intrinsic motivators–which drives discretionary effort and higher levels of innovation and productivity.

We don’t recommend constantly changing or simply re-packaged fads.  We love to recommend emerging disruptive trends that are showing strong promise and helpful new digital technology but only when it lives up to its potential and will improve your bottom line.

Purpose Aligned to Intrinsic Motivation is Powerful Force

Workers should not come to work simply for a paycheck and dread the experience. Business visions can inspire. Leaders can empower exciting work which provides a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Employees can collaborate, build upon each other’s ideas and together create an unequaled experience for themselves and your customers.

The work experience can be exciting, dynamic, fulfil a person’s purpose, and not really seem like work at all. Rather a calling.

Our Approach

When you work with us, expect a discussion on your business model and the direction of your business strategies. It all starts there. What are your strategies and the obligations to your stakeholders?

Expect the use of assessments on the current state of your culture and capability for innovation, the capability of your current talent management practices, from recruiting to performance management, compensation to flexible work arrangements, onboarding to succession planning. Expect assessments on the capability and style of your leadership and if it is aligned to your business strategy.

Expect questions not just on performance metrics, but on predictive process measures.  So, for example, can you predict if your hiring processes will meet the demands of your new business model? Waiting for the outcome is too late.

We are advocates:

  • for putting in place talent management, innovation and organization development strategies that align to and enable your business strategies.
  • For making recommendations that provide a return on your business.

Expect some push back if we believe you are about to make a mistake.


Expect Results

Now that you better understand how we help, our guiding principles and approach, I invite you to learn more about who we work with.

To learn more about me, my work experience, education, presentations, certifications and awards, click here.

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