Who We Work With

Are you a business leader looking for more from your organization?

We work with CEOs, human resources leaders and executive teams who want to transform their organizations to implement their industry-changing strategies and business models.

Our clients are visionaries, forward thinkers, and change agents who want to move beyond outdated practices and the chaos to build dynamic innovative cultures, great talent management strategies, and superior performing organizations.

They believe strongly that their workforce is the organization’s strongest asset. For them, it is not lip service. They are aware of the empirical research which shows that:

  • Organizations with strong talent management capabilities perform up to 22% higher shareholder returns and 18% better profit than their peers.
  • Organizations with dynamic and strong cultures of innovation have up to 22% higher financial performance than their peers and consistently create value in their industries.
  • They know that having the best possible talent available creates innovation and a competitive advantage.
  • They know that the extra effort it takes to align employees to their purpose, mission, and strategies are worth it for igniting the discretionary effort that leads to higher performance and innovation.

They often have experienced exceptional growth but now find that their organizations are stuck with talent management practices which no longer fit their size, sophistication, and global reach.

Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?

In some cases, your talent management practices are out of date. This may include:

  • strategies, practices, and technologies for recruiting
  • 1990’s-style performance management practices
  • failing to develop your talent and their careers
  • a work culture that prohibits your employees from being their best and innovative
  • not using the capability of digital technology across your talent strategies
  • not thinking strategically about attracting, developing, and leading your talent to create a dynamic, innovative experience

Perhaps your organization got its start by being innovative. But as you grew and turned your attention to having reliable operations and predictable quarterly financial results, you lost the focus on innovation.

Your leaders may not have the agility and strategic skills your larger, more global, and sophisticated organization now requires to continue your rate of profitable growth.

We have worked with organizations in a variety of industries such as:

  • aerospace9025679856_320763fcfc_k
  • health care
  • insurance
  • manufacturing
  • medical devices
  • real estate development and management
  • software
  • semiconductors

The size of these organizations has varied from 50 to over 10,000 employees.

We have provided talent capability solutions for the following:

  • Recruiting using our artificial intelligence technology
  • Performance management systems and practices
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Culture assessments and interventions
  • Breaking through the employee engagement ceiling
  • Contact Center design and training
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Updating general management and H R practices, policies, and procedures
  • Improved effectiveness and return on investment for recruiting and onboarding
  • Organization design and development
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Strategy execution and transformational change
  • Integrated talent management plans that improve the execution of your business strategies and organizational results

What all of these solutions have in common is transforming organizations to get more out of their talent and leadership, drive innovation, and enhance profitable growth.

Who are our ideal clients?

We work with a variety of organizations and clients, but the clients we work with who are most likely to succeed have the following qualities.

  • They value people and the innovation and resiliency of the human spirit. Your leaders believe strongly that their workforce is their most valuable asset, and they are willing to invest in their assets.6377346965_b84639a8ce_b
  • They are visionaries who understand that change and growth is a constant. Your leaders are committed to forging ahead and know that if they do not grow and innovate, the competition (or new disruptive innovators from outside of your industry) will surpass
  • They know they must challenge today’s success to realize tomorrow’s potential. Clinging to the status quo is a failing business strategy. You recognize that the thinking, skills, and capabilities that catalyzed your current success are now holding your company back. Your company is at a crossroads and bringing in an expert who can help you make the leap is a decision you are ready to make.
  • Becoming a world-class, innovative leadership team, organization and culture excites you and is a top priority as a company.
  • You value long lasting transformation that ignites the vitality, performance, and innovation of your organization over constantly changing quick fixes that cost you revenue and profits in the long term.
  • They value the creation of sustainable innovation and industry leading revenue and profitable growth.

Now that you better understand the kind of clients we work with, learn more about our work with talent management and innovation, and the workshops and executive coaching we offer.

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