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Reinventing innovation in times of crisis: lessons from leading companies

Reinventing innovation in times of crisis: lessons from leading companies

April 21, 2020 03:00 PM CET [15:00] (Brussels), 09:00 AM ET [09:00] (New York) | (01 hr)  Time Zone Converter

Innovation remains an essential priority for organizations, especially during COVID-19. Join this webcast to learn the emerging methods, processes, and successful implementation of digital technologies by the world’s best innovators.

John Metselaar of The Conference Board, Peter Coffee of Salesforce and I will highlight technologies, habits, and emerging practices of highly innovative organizations, uncovered in the second Global State of Innovation Survey, conducted in 2019 by The Conference Board in partnership with InnovationOne.

Key Learnings:

  • What executives do to make innovation a strategic imperative
  • The factors that make for a culture of innovation
  • The emerging trends of innovation methodologies
  • The emerging trends on digital technology and what drives results

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Earn 1 CPE credit
Management Services
Requirements : Attendees must be logged on for the duration of the webcast, participate in all interactive polls, and request credits via the on-screen form. Delivery Method: Group-Internet Based; Program Level: Intermediate; Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree or higher, Advanced Preparation: None


This program has been pre-approved for 1 CPD credit.


Victor Assad Victor Assad
Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting
Managing Partner
InnovationOneVictor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and Managing Partner of InnovationOne.Victor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and Managing Partner of InnovationOne. He is the author of Hack Recr…Full Bio
Peter Coffee Peter Coffee
VP for Strategic Research
SalesforcePeter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, has been with the company for thirteen years. He works with the company’s customers and partners in areas including connected customer engagement, new data models and methods, trust technologies and practices, and business applications of AI-…Full Bio
John Metselaar John Metselaar (Moderator)
Program Director and Senior Fellow
The Conference BoardJohn Metselaar leads Europe’s Innovation Council, which is based in Brussels. He also serves as a senior fellow in innovation, leadership, strategy, culture and change, as well as digital transformation.Metselaar is professor of management practice in “Leading and Living Innovation…Full Bio
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Postponed. April 29 Lunch & Learn: Managing a Flexible and Remote Workforce. Save up to $11k/employee.


Over 4.7 million people now work remotely while employers reap the rewards of a cost savings of $11k/person.

Learn up to date best practices for managing a remote workforce to ramp up productivity, save costs, recruit top talent & maintain accountability.

Join me on Feb. 6 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM at the Arizona Small Business Association, P-Level meeting room, 11811 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028 in Phoenix!

The last session was a sell out. Register today!

Past talks and Rebroadcasts of past talks


Watch the on-demand rebroadcast of “Eight Practices of Fire Up Your Innovation Culture” with Arthur Liberian of Planbox and me in Innovation Leader.


Being purpose driven, creating a clear process to move ideas forward, and utilizing a knowledge management system are three keys to productively building a culture of innovation, per Arthur Liberian of @Planbox and @VictorAssad2

Watch now


Feb. 19. Hack Recruiting with Victor Assad.

HR today has the same digital technology that has revolutionized marketing and enabled it to build customer brand. HR needs to use these tools to build employer brand and to accelerate their recruiting processes, gather data, and hire better employees. This technology includes on-demand video interviewing, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Technology, however, is not a silver bullet. There is robustly developed and poorly developed HR technology. As with any business purchase, HR technology needs a thorough screening, and HR leaders need to first work with management to improve their processes.

The exciting news is that there are solutions for small and large companies that can accelerate recruiting, reduce turnover, improve the skills of the workforce, and the experience of job candidates and employees–and provide companies with a return on their investment.

The three takeaways from this presentation are:

  1. Understanding the most reliable selection methodologies to hire high-performing job candidates.
  2. The horizon of new digital technology for HR, what works, what doesn’t, and how to select it.
  3. How to streamline the recruiting process and the measures to use (which AI can gather and analyze for you).

Sign up today. You will love recruiting in the digital era!

Wednesday February 19, From 11:15 am until 1:15 pm. Central  Valley Lunch of SHRM of Greater Phoenix. Register today with SHRM of Greater Phoenix. 

Sample Talks


Hack Recruiting: You Won’t Recognize Recruiting in the 2020s

Recruiters and human resources now have the same tools available to them that have been available for years to marketing leaders: chatbots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and soon blockchain.

HR leaders can transform HR and make it more strategic and analytical, and an essential partner for driving profitable growth in companies. HR leaders can build an employer brand just as effectively as marketing leaders build a company’s customer brand.

It is time to put these digital tools to use. But technology is not a silver bullet by itself. HR organizations need also to lean out their recruiting operations, use the best interviewing techniques and assessments, measure their progress, and deliver the applicant and employee experiences that live up to their employer brands.

It is time to start hacking!


The No. 1 non-pay employee benefit that improves your productivity and cuts costs.

Whether called telecommuting, remote work, or mobile work, flexible work arrangements are the number 1 non-pay benefit for today’s workforce. They are equally beneficial for companies because they create a more engaged, loyal and productive workforce, cost savings of up to $10k per employee, and reductions from carbon emissions.

Flexible work arrangements solve the problem of attracting and retaining great employees in our tight talent economy and improving productivity and employee engagement.

Flexible work arrangements, as well as open office design, have been hot topics for articles and blogs, especially over the past four years. Passions are high on both sides of the discussion. Unfortunately, the debaters often miss the point. It is not one vs. the other. Rather, it is a customized approach, where every company creates the flexible work arrangements and office design that best fits its culture and business strategies.

Attendees will learn the criteria that make jobs ideal for flex-work, and the workplace norms, digital technology, and office designs to put in place to maximize flexible-work. A successful case study will be shared, which enabled a company to move out of two buildings, save over $1.2M a year in real estate costs, and improve employee recruiting, productivity, and engagement.

Learn the traits of highly innovative companies and how they drive profitable growth!

Executive teams face continual change, the challenge of digitizing their operations, and disruptive competition from outside their industries. They find that their own innovative solutions for new products, services, and business models are lacking. As a result, their financial projects for profitable growth are below stakeholder expectations.

Executive teams will learn the traits of companies who have mastered ongoing innovative while also maintaining outstanding financial performance. More critically, they will learn approaches they can implement to improve their ability to change, innovate, and grow profitably.


Past Event Appearances

Hack Recruiting

SHRM of Greater Phoenix, Central Valley Lunch,

Feb. 19, 2020


Lunch & Learn: Managing a Flexible and Remote Workforce. Save up to $11k/employee.

Phoenix Business Journal,

Feb. 6, 2020.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fixing Performance Management

SHRM Northern California  San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, CA


Succession Planning: Developing and Retaining Your Best

AscentisHR Webinar  


Signposts of Innovation: Best When Viewed Holistically and Implemented through Collaborative Cultures

The Conference Board’s 5th Innovation Master Class  Atlanta, GA


Six Winning Traits of Highly Innovative Companies

Silicon Valley OD Network  


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fixing Performance Management

Society of Human Resources for Greater Phoenix  Tempe, AZ


Break the Boxes, Bridge the Pieces

DisruptHR  San Francisco, CA


Seven Mistakes Companies Make with Talent Strategy

Webinar on AscentisHR  


Six Mistakes Companies Make While Trying to Improve Innovation

Webinar on AscentisHR  


Do you believe innovation can be inspired, measured and managed? We do. And we have the empirical evidence to prove it! Workshop with Dr. Brooke Dobni and Victor Assad

International Society of Professional Innovation Managers 2017  Toronto, Canada


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fixing Performance Management

Webinar with AscentisHR  


Creating a Dynamic Employee Experience: The New Model for Talent Management

Webinar on LTEN (Life Sciences and Training Network)  


Innovate or Die: Measuring-Managing Innovative Cultures for Sustainable Competitiveness

International Society of Professional Innovation Managers 2016  Boston, MA


Six Traits of Highly Innovative Organizations and Human Resources Role in Fostering Innovation

LEARN Field Trip  Glenn Taylor Innovation Corporation, Mankato, MN


Strategic Thinking in the HR Paradigm

NCHRA HR Business Leader Series  NorthBay Health Care, Fairfield, CA


Win-Win Conversations for Optimal Outcomes

NCHRA HR Business Leaders Series  University of the Pacific, Sacramento, CA


Strategic Thinking: Conquering the Traditional HR Paradigms to Enable Business Results

Sutter Health HR Retreat  


Facilitating Executive Level Meetings

NCHRA HR Business Leader Series  Law Room, Walnut Creek, CA


Win-Win Conversations for Optimal Outcomes

NCHRA HR Business Leader Series  NorthBay Health Care, Fairfield, CA


Creating and Delivering on the ROI of Talent Acquisition and Selection

NCHRA Talent Acquisition and Selection Conference  


Strategic Thinking in the HR Paradigm

NCHRA HR Business Leader Series  Redwood City Credit Union, Santa Rosa, CA


Facilitating Executive Level Meetings

NCHRA HR Business Leader Series  NorthBay Health Care, Fairfield, CA


“Talent Strategies to Support Cultures of Innovation. Stanford Park Hotel, Menlo Park, CA.

Bay Area HR Executive Council  Stanford Park Hotel, Menlo Park, CA


“Ten Talent Strategies to Support Innovation”

“Toward Better Innovation Metrics for Business.” Sponsored by The Conference Board and hosted by Xerox PARC.  Xerox PARC in Palo Alto CA


“It Is Time to Face the Truth About Employee Engagement”

DisruptHR San Francisco Bay Area  Domenico Winery, San Carlos, CA



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