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Useful and Emerging Practices of Highly Innovative Organizations in the Digital Era.

When The Conference Board asked CEOs globally to think about how the world would
look in 2025, they said innovation remains an essential priority. And for good reason: highly innovative companies have higher growth and higher profits than less or non-innovative ones. Moreover, their stock market performance shows it.

To provide more clarity on the emerging practices of highly innovative organizations and to uncover their methodologies, technologies, and habits, The Conference Board and
InnovationOne partnered in 2019 to field our second Global State of Innovation survey of
organizational leaders at the manager level and above from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our results reveal that high innovators distinguish themselves in multiple ways. They
treat innovation as a:

  • strategic imperative
  • emphasize developing a culture of innovation
  • use metrics to measure progress
  • invest in holistic, long-term innovation programs that
    are aligned and integrated with the business strategy but also are agile, capable, and well-positioned to take advantage of short-term opportunities
  • invest in innovation methodologies and digital technologies and integrate them successfully in their innovation processes
  • Finally, they experiment using physical and virtual prototypes.

Download the one page infographic and the report at no cost.

TCB I1 2019 Global State of Innovation Infographic

TCB I1 2019 Report Cover









Insights from Highly Innovative Companies: Results from The Conference Board and InnovationOne Global State of Innovation Survey 2017

Businesses have come to recognize that innovation is no longer an option. Rather, Innovative is imperative for survival. In 2017, The Conference Board and InnovationOne partnered to launch the Global State of Innovation Survey 2017 to uncover what methodologies, technologies, and practices successful innovators are currently using to innovative–and which ones provide the most advantage in today’s business climate.

While both high and low innovators use Crowdsourcing and Design Thinking, what distinguishes highly innovative companies is that treat innovation as a strategic imperative, have an intimate understanding of the customer experience, develop collaborative cultures of innovation, and develop metrics to measure progress.  Learn more by reading the report.


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