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HR Audits to Improve profitable growth

Many companies discover that their HR capability limits the organization’s potential to grow profitably. It may be that the outsourced HR model, which met their needs at first, has now become limiting and too costly. Or that your HR practices, policies, and technologies have become outdated.

Whatever the reason, our comprehensive HR audits will improve your ability to recruit, motivate, and retain great talent–with a fantastic return on its investment.

Upon completion, we will provide you with a top ten list of items to work on, a path forward, and a detailed report to act as your guide. We will also provide you an estimated return on investment for implementing our most robust recommendations.

While many HR audits cover many legal and regulatory compliance issues, our audits cover that and so much more. We dive into the issues that may inhibit you from effectively recruiting great talent, motivating your talent to perform at their best, and retain your talent.  Failure to lead today’s workforce in a fair and equitable manner can lead to costly turnover. Turnover can cost employers 20 percent of the annual salary for retail or call center employees and 50 percent of the yearly salary for engineers and nurses.

We will also advise you on the latest HR digital technology trends and advise you on which technology upgrades to make and the impact on your bottom line. Doing well in all of these areas improves much more than your human resources operations. They improve the employees experiences and your bottom line!

Every year more and conflicting labor laws are passed. Complicating matters is the myriad of different state laws in each state. Because of these frequent changes and their complications, it is essential to conduct regular HR audits to identify compliance issues and to avoid potentially costly fines and lawsuits. Please consider three examples:

  • An employer that wrongfully classifies an employee as exempt, who is, in fact, nonexempt, may be held liable for all unpaid overtime owed to that employee going back as far as three years before to the date of the claim.
  • An employer may be fined up to $16,000 per employee, with the potential of other criminal penalties and possible imprisonment, for harboring an illegal immigrant and intentionally violating immigration law.  The employer may potentially be barred from future government contracts.
  • An employer that fails to post the required current state and federal employment law notices may be fined up to $17,000.

The pandemic has dramatically upended the world of work and has ushered in the future of work, today! Many companies sent their office workers home to work remotely last March and enjoyed better than expected results. Still, many companies need to optimize their remote work norms to maximize further productivity and employee morale. When enough employees are vaccinated, the post-pandemic world-of-work will transition to a hybrid workforce, with office workers on the same team working from home and in the office. We have had experience with successfully establishing such teams with the operating norms and digital technology and office designs they require–and seeing high rates of productivity, morale, and the bonus of reduced costly office space. We have seen an increase in productivity by 22%, better recruiting and retention, saved carbon emissions, and millions in savings from reduced office space by the implementation of hybrid workforces and flexible office environments.

Our assessments cover the following:

  • Payroll and human resources information management
  • Labor law, OSHA, and regulation compliance
  • Employer brand
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • COVID19
  • Remote work, the hybrid workforce, and the new role of the office
  • Digital technology
  • Compensation and recognition
  • Benefits competitiveness and management
  • Performance management and the latest digital technology to manage the process and track results
  • Culture
  • Talent and career development
  • Succession planning

We can even help you through the implementation with experienced guidance and hands-on support, coaching, and training.

Here is what our clients have to say:

Victor Assad provided us a broad and thorough HR assessment which identified several areas for us to improve our HR processes and drive business success. We appreciate how he also offered us practical steps to implement his recommendations and showed us the return on our investment for doing so.  His expertise in all areas of both regulatory and applied HR has been of enormous help to us. –Ellen Aigner, Monterrey Tile Company

Victor Assad brought invaluable experience from a solid corporate legacy position to help me better understand the US environment and the challenges I would face when making investment decisions on optimizing my customer-facing organization to execute on my company’s commercialization strategy. In an easy approach and highly collaborative manner he proactively developed tangible solutions to issues such as ‘healthcare compliance’, ‘pay and commission structures’ and ‘recruitment policies’ that I faced as I developed the sales organization. Victor excels at grasping the complexities of a specific situation and then applying his experience to bring solutions that are simple to understand and to implement. I would strongly recommend Victor as somebody who would add value to a leadership team eager to bring a fresh insight to their sales organization or as someone to give pragmatic guidance to an executive working through a specific HR related challenge. —James Hallums, Chief Commercial Officer – Claret Medical Inc.

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