We work to get stuck teams going again and to kick off new project and enterprise-wide teams. Our team kick off workshop and team facilitation will lead to more productive, innovative, and successful teams.

Numerous studies at MIT, Harvard and Google will have you rethink the characteristics of great team members, allow you to have effective and innovative teams, and improve employee retention and company performance.

These studies have found that the smartest and most effective teams have these characteristics:

  1. Trust. Team members trust each other.
  2. Inclusive. Members contributed more equally to the team’s discussions, rather than having one or two people who dominated.
  3. Dependability: They can count on each other to do high quality work on time.
  4. Structure & clarity: they have clear goals, roles, and execution plans?
  5. Meaning of work: They are we working on something that is personally important to each of them?
  6. Impact of work: They fundamentally believe that the work they are doing matters


New Team Kickoff Workshop — One and Two Day Options

This workshop is designed to kick off new project and enterprise-wide teams to jump-start their problem solving and innovation.

c2c59612-6233-45ed-8412-1291a7e4925bimage2 - CopyThis workshop is designed to overcome the hurdles and mistakes many organizations make when starting critically important teams. Many teams are doomed to struggle because they don’t fully understand the problem they are to solve and the importance of their work for the success of the company.

Many team members never learn to trust each other and therefore never are comfortable taking risks.  In addition, many teams don’t understand their goals, the resources they can call upon, their key milestones, the roles among the members of the team, how to effectively raise and resolve conflict, and how to make decisions.

In this workshop, the team leader and team members will learn:

  1. The vision or end state the executive had in mind for them when they were created and how their work will impact the company and its customers
  2. The end goal and they will define the step goals which need to be attained to reach their end goal by the deadline
  3. The roles of each team member
  4. The operating norms for the team to communicate with each other, for meetings, and to store and access critical materials and documents
  5. What resources or experts from the company or from outside the company that are available to assist the team in resolving issues and being innovative
  6. How to constructively problem solve, resolve conflict and make decisions that stick
  7. When and how to quickly escalate issues, so the team does not bog down

This training is offered in one or a two-day version.

Day 1: The team will build a shared alignment to company’s vision, strategies and long-term outcomes, and the team’s role in achieving those outcomes.  The team will establish goals, operating norms, and decision rights.

Strength_Deployment_Inventory_SDI_Assessment_ToolDay 2: Each team member will go through the Skills Deployment Inventory(SDI), which will help each team member, and the team as a whole, learn their communication styles during normal circumstances and when they are under stress. This training also provides essential steps to diffuse and resolve the conflict. During this training, team members will learn the strengths and weaknesses of their communication styles and how it positively and negatively impacts each other and the team as a whole.

The result will be a more harmonious, trusting team that is better aligned with their common goals and produces higher results.

The administration of the SDI requires attendees to complete the assessment two weeks before the training to allow for the results to be analyzed, delivered, and used during the second day of the workshop.

Are you ready to schedule a team workshop that will improve the performance and innovation of your new team?

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