We have executive and team workshops to improve your strategic focus and innovation, accelerate your innovation, build leadership capability and to unstuck stuck teams and kick off new teams. Our workshops are designed to improve your bottom line!


Emerging Leader Effectiveness Workshop- 6 hours


This workshop is designed for employees who show promising signs of being managers. Their current development is to transition from managing themselves for great performance to learning how to inspire, align and manage project teams. They may currently lead short-term problem-solving or tiger teams but do not yet have employees who directly report to them.

This workshop will teach the techniques of effective communications, how to work towards common goals, constructively problem solve and resolve conflict, and implement successful solutions. Mastering these skills is a great development for them and will improve their ability to listen, constructively solve problems, diminish conflict and improve their effectiveness, and the effectiveness of the organization.

In this six hour course, participants will learn how to:

  1. Get people to work with you, not for you, towards a common goal
  2. Constructively problem solve and resolve conflict
  3. Make meetings more productive, moving from talk to action, improved decision making, and guaranteed follow-up.
  4. Promote teamwork
  5. Decrease debilitating arguments and power struggles
  6. Increase the participants influence with peers and superiors

After attending this course, the emerging leaders will be standouts for motivating and leading groups, building coalitions, inspiring innovation, and for leading team that achieve their mission and drive results. After time perfecting these skills, these leaders will be ready for promotions into formal leadership roles.


New Manager Training to Develop ACE Leaders – One and Two Day Options


This workshop is for recently promoted managers who are accountable for the performance, development, and results of their teams, including goal setting and providing performance feedback. These leaders often face the challenge of understanding that leadership is different than being the technical expert. New leaders frequently fail to learn that they need to stop doing the tasks which led to their promotion and instead learn and perfect the tasks of successful leaders.

This workshop will develop ACE Leaders.  The ACE Framework stands for leaders who learn to be agile and align employees to the strategic goals of the organization. Leaders who learn to provide constant clarity and communications. Finally, leaders who learn to act, and act with empathy and to empower their teams. I invite you to read my blog, “Seven Mistakes New Leaders Make” to learn more about ACE leaders.

This training is offered in one and two day sessions, and a package which includes an ongoing coaching to help new leaders develop and apply their recently learned skills in real-time situations.

In this training, the new leaders will learn the characteristics of great agile leaders and what makes them successful. Specifically, they will learn on how to:

  1. set up team operating norms
  2. align their teams to the organization’s frequently-changing goals
  3. write A-SMART goals
  4. delegate work based on each workers readiness and skills
  5. motivate their teams
  6. provide constant feedback and coaching
  7. complete performance appraisals.

During the workshop, we will apply their new learning to the real-time issues they are facing today.

At the end of the workshop, the attendees will understand what steps and tools to use to help their teams understand their unique role in the organization, their specific accountability, their strengths and development areas, and the specific steps to take to improve. The attendees will also learn how to adjust their leadership and communication styles for the various personalities and diverse cultures that will make up their teams.

This workshop is available in one or two day sessions. The second-day session includes administering the Skill Deployment Inventory, which helps leaders understand their dominant communication style in normal interactions at work and how their communication style changes under stress. This training also provides essential steps to diffuse and resolve a conflict. The second day accelerates the learning and skills new leaders need to effectively build relationships, act with empathy, and to empower their teams.

During the second day session, the leaders will learn the strengths and weaknesses of their communication style and how it positively and negatively impacts their teams. They will also develop strategies to communicate more effectively with each member of their team and how to lessen misunderstandings and resolve conflicts. The result will be a more harmonious team that is better aligned to their common goals and produces higher results.

The administration of the Skill Deployment Inventory requires attendees to complete the assessment two weeks before the training to allow for the results to be delivered and used during the second day of the training.

Ongoing Coaching Package-Post Workshop.  I also offer on ongoing coaching package, where I work individually, and in groups, with workshop graduates to assist them in applying their newly learned skills real time in the workplace.  This could be for managerial duties such as delivering their first performance appraisals, deciding on pay increases, how to motivate struggling employees or other topics such as improving team operating norms.


Executive Innovation Workshop- One Day, with Assessment


This one-day workshop is for executive teams who, for one reason or another, are struggling with igniting the innovation of their companies.  Many of these executive teams have recently tried different solutions to ignite their innovation but did not obtain all the outcomes they wanted. For many, they are uncertain about what to do next.

These executive teams are usually facing new disruptive competition from outside their industries or find that their own innovative solutions for new products, services, and business models are lacking. And as a result, their financial projects for profitable growth are below stakeholder expectations.

The executive teams who take this workshop see the big picture challenging their organizations.  They realize that only a comprehensive approach to improving innovation will truly create a competitive advantage and improve profitable growth.

In this workshop, the participants will be provided a review of the latest research on innovation and will learn the traits of highly innovative companies and how they are able to remain innovative, year in and year out.  Workshop attendees will also learn the six mistakes companies make when trying to improve their innovation, and the steps to take to overcome these common mistakes. Relevant case studies of innovative companies will also be shared during the workshop.

Participants will also be asked to complete the InnovationOne Health IndexExecutive Version. Based on the Health Index, the participants will learn the strengths and weaknesses of their innovation capability and culture. In addition, they will receive a benchmark report based on their Health Index results, which will show them their relative strengths and weaknesses based on their industry or country. More importantly, participants will receive recommendations on the steps they can take next week, next quarter, and over the next couple of years to become a leading innovative company in their industry.

Unlike other innovation organizational assessments, the InnovationOne Health Index is based on over 15 years of scientific research by InnovationOne founder, C Brooke Dobni, Ph.D. Dr. Dobni’s research has uncovered how innovative companies become and remain innovative.  Because we have over 2,000 organizations in our database, we can confidently compare your results to the results of other organizations and provide specific recommendations the steps to take to improve your innovation.

After this workshop, executive teams will be:

  1. More acutely aware of the strengths and development areas of your culture and capability for innovation, and how it is impacting your company’s success and financial performance
  2. Continually open to more feedback from your workforce, external experts, partners, and your customers
  3. Challenging tunnel-vision, group think, and addressing blind spots more boldly
  4. Better able to enable your workforce to ideate, and how to discern the great innovative ideas, analyze them and move forward.
  5. More understanding of what it takes to align your operations to commercialize your innovation

I invite you to learn more about our approach to Innovation our thought leading research, the InnovationOne Health Index, and the results enjoyed by our clients. Are you ready to ignite innovation in your company?


New Team Kickoffs — One and Two Day Options

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This workshop is designed to kick off new project and enterprise-wide teams to jump start their problem solving and innovation.

Many teams are doomed to struggle because they don’t fully understand the problem they are to solve and the importance of their work for the success of the company. Many team members never learn to trust each other and therefore never are comfortable taking risks.  In addition, many teams don’t understand the their goals, the resources they can call upon, their key milestones, the roles among the members of the team, how to effectively raise and resolve conflict, and how to make decisions.

In this workshop, the team leader and team members will learn:

  1. The vision or end state the executive had in mind for them when they were created and how their work will impact the company and its customers
  2. The end goal and they will define the step goals which need to be attained to reach their end goal by the deadline
  3. The roles of each team member
  4. The operating norms for the team to communicate with each other, for meetings, and storing and accessing key materials and documents
  5. What resources or experts from the company or from outside the company that are available to assist the team in resolving issues and being innovative
  6. How to constructively problem solve, resolve conflict and make decisions that stick
  7. When and how to quickly escalate issues so the team does not bog down

I invite you to read my blog on effective teams, “What Makes A Team Smart?” This training is offered in one or a two-day version.

Day 1: The team will build a shared alignment to company’s vision, strategies and long-term outcomes, and the team’s role in achieving those outcomes.  The team will establish goals, operating norms, and decision rights.

Day 2: Each individual team member will go through the Skills Deployment Inventory (SDI), which will help each team member, and the team as a whole, learn their personal communication styles during normal circumstances and when they are under stress. This training also provides essential steps to diffuse and resolve the conflict. During this training, team members will learn the strengths and weaknesses of their communication styles and how it positively and negatively impacts each other and the team as a whole.

The result will be a more harmonious, trusting team that is better aligned to their common goals and produces higher results.

The administration of the SDI requires attendees to complete the assessment two weeks before the training to allow for the results to be analyzed, delivered, and used during the second day of the training.


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