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Insights from Highly Innovative Companies: Results from The Conference Board and InnovationOne Global State of Innovation Survey 2017

Businesses have come to recognize that innovation is no longer an option. Rather, Innovative is imperative for survival. In 2017, The Conference Board and InnovationOne partnered to launch the Global State of Innovation Survey 2017 to uncover what methodologies, technologies, and practices successful innovators are currently using to innovative–and which ones provide the most advantage in today’s business climate.  What we learned is that highly innovative companies develop collaborative and transparent cultures of innovation.  This practice is one of the most significant distinguishing factors between high innovators and low innovators. This is just one of the five insights from the report.





Comprehensive Talent Strategy and Technology Drive Business Innovation and Financial Performance

business peopleMany organizations treat the various functions of human resources almost like separate operations. Recruiting has no connections with learning systems. And performance management is something you do once a year.  Organizations which learn to shape their human resources capabilities into powerful talent strategies, backed by predictable models, big data, and technology, not only do better at recruiting and retaining their highest performers, they improve the organization’s ability to implement strategy, align to purpose and drive higher financial returns.



The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Performance Management–And What to Do About It!

78467392This report explores what works and does not work with performance management, goal setting, and providing feedback.  For the nearly 7,000 readers of my blog, “Forced Ranking: The good, the bad, the ugly and what to do about it”, this report expands on those insights on how some of the original research on performance management was misunderstood.  I also provide advice on the best performance management system for your organization. 



Seven Mistakes Companies Make with Talent Strategy

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALfAAAAJDhkOWY5YjA5LTZhMzYtNGZhOC1hNTljLWU4Njk1NWIxNDIxZAMany CEOs will tell you that their workforce is their strongest asset. But too many organizations treat their workforce like a commodity, a necessity of business that can be bought or sold on any number of exchanges.  That is their biggest mistake.  This report identifies common pitfalls of winning talent strategies and how to overcome them!



The Six Mistakes Companies Make While Trying to Improve Innovation!

15675647633_2a3a8e62b2_o (1)Many companies dabble and struggle with innovation.  One of their first mistakes is not believing that culture and innovation are both measurable and manageable. When managed together they drive the organization to new heights for creating value and profitable growth.  Based on empirical research and a model for building a culture and capability for sustainable innovation, this report identifies the six mistakes companies make while trying to improve their innovation and how to avoid them.



Innovation Nation? Innovation Health Inside the Fortune 1000. A Comprehensive Measure Reveals the Strengths, Trouble Spots and a Prescription for Improvement.

One of the largest studies conducted to date of innovation performance among the Fortune 1000, Innovation Nation? 
offers several new insights on innovation health among Fortune 1000 companies. It assesses the innovation health of the Fortune 1000 and provides solutions on how to improve innovation, create value and improve financial results.




Form Follows Function: Flexible work arrangements design improve productivity, morale and your ability to attract and retain critical workers!

how_to_find_legit_work_from_home_4141_dv342177Whether called telework, telecommuting or mobile work, flexible work arrangements are highly valued by today’s workforce.  They are equally beneficial for companies because they create engaged employees who are more productive, engaged and loyal. Made possible by digital technology, flexible work arrangements are here to stay and should be a critical element of any company’s talent strategy and diversity initiative. This report also includes a “how-to” case study.


Just opt in here for all seven reports and my webinars and talks.

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