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Is your employee turnover increasing? There often is no silver bullet for improving employee retention. It can be a list of issues that are causing your best employees to leave from pay to overbearing managers, to a dysfunctional culture.


Your company may be experiencing the following:

  • Increasing employee turnover and the signs other employees are thinking about leaving
  • Too few members of your workforce are putting out discretionary effort—the kind that drives higher performance and innovation
  • Your technical expertise rests with only a handful of workers
  • Leaders who struggle to build relationships with today’s workers and inspire top performance
  • Stifling organizational cultures that are too top-down, bureaucratic and siloed.
  • Talent strategies, systems, technologies, and processes that do not create a dynamic employee experience and no longer meet the needs of your growing business

Do you believe that you are missing out on today’s improvements in talent strategy, such as:

  • Updated performance management approaches that build stronger relationships between leaders and employees, more efficient and innovative teams, and better business results
  • Collaborative and adaptive organizational cultures that have aligned workers to the mission and strategies of the organization and have employees that are constantly being creative, sharing new ideas with each other, prototyping, and implementing new innovation.
  • New leadership approaches to align and inspire a multicultural and multi-generational workforce which has new ideas about the work environment, wants to use of digital technology and apps, and is looking for solutions to have better work/life integration.
  • Competitive compensation and reward strategies that inspire extraordinary effort, innovation, and superior performance.
  • Digital work technologies that enable you to improve the problem-solving capability and results of teams, and also allow you to collect insightful analytics on the performance, strengths, and development areas of your workforce.
  • New approaches to more objectively accurately identify and develop your high potential leaders and future technical experts.

Finally, does your company know how to pull it together to create a dynamic employer brand and employee value proposition (as dynamic as your company brand and value to your customers) to attract, motivate and retain today’s workforce?

Powerful employer brands  (which are more than just slick marketing) and exciting employee experiences are what drives the real value.


A company’s talent strategy and culture can make or break a company and enable it to retain its best workers even during competitive times.

Most executives don’t understand that companies with strong talent strategies have significantly better financial performance and lead their industries by creating continuing value.

  • McKinsey and Company report that well-run talent management systems improve the bottom line (with 22% higher shareholder returns than bottom quartile performers) and are the critical driver of corporate performance.
  • The Hackett Group found that companies with more mature talent management capabilities reap strong bottom-line benefits, including earnings that are 18% higher than typical Global 1000 companies.

Building robust talent strategies are the key to creating companies that are innovative, can quickly implement business strategy, and transition through change.


Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting can help

We are uniquely qualified to assess and develop your talent strategies and help you make the necessary changes to create a dynamic employee experience, reduce turnover, and improve your bottom line.

  • We use assessments to measure the health and capability of your company’s culture of innovation, benchmark it against national and industry norms, and make recommendations on how to improve your innovation and financial performance.
  • We have assessments to assess the health and capability of your company’s talent strategies and HR abilities. We will make recommendations you can implement quickly to improve the performance of these HR systems: recruiting, onboarding, performance management, rewards, succession planning, and flexible work environments.
  • We have training and coaching programs to develop the agile and inclusive leaders for today’s workforce.
  • We have team kickoffs and to create aligned, efficient and innovative teams, (and effective interventions when teams struggle).
  • We have a group accelerate innovation hack that breaks through structure and hierarchy to enable innovation proposals that can be approved by management within two days.
  • We have leadership assessments and executive coaching skills to shape executives as they transition into, and learn, the leadership dynamics required of their new roles.

We will first listen to the issues facing your company today and get to know your business strategies. We will then use our assessments, tools, and experience to design with you talent strategies to enable your business strategies.

We can help you create the vision of your desired innovation and your desired culture, the road-map to get you there, and the measures to track your progress to improved financial success.

As a result of working with us, you will gain powerful insights on:

  • the capability of your workforce and leadership
  • how to inspire your workforce to implement your company’s purpose, mission, and strategies
  • how to develop a dynamic, collaborative culture of innovation and measure your progress
  • how to align your organizational processes and systems to quickly commercialize your new innovations.

Who we work with

We work with CEOs, human resources leaders, and executive teams who want to transform their organizations to implement their industry changing strategies and business models.

Our clients are visionaries, forward thinkers and change agents who want to move beyond outdated practices and the chaos to build dynamic, innovative cultures, great talent management strategies, and superior performing organizations.

We work with executive teams who want to build strong cultures and capability for innovation and the talent strategies, systems and processes to drive it.


The next step

I’m Victor Assad.  If you would like to explore what options are open for you to improve the talent management strategies and practices in your organization, and are prepared to act now, I invite you to contact me to schedule a complimentary one-hour strategy session.

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing your company, our assessments, tools, and how we can assist you.

The session takes about one hour and we can link-up either in person, by phone, or by video conference with Zoom.

Just contact me by phone (707-331-6740) or by email (VA@VictorHRConsultant.com) to arrange the complimentary session

I invite you to explore this website to learn about who we work with, how we work with them, and the services we offer to help you take your talent management and innovation to the next level.

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