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Effective recruiting enables a company’s top and bottom line. We provide recruiting audits and retained searches for executives and technology experts. Our recruiting audits will rapidly build your ability to source, screen, and hire extraordinary talent. 

Retained search

We have expertise with retained executive and technology specialty search in medical devices, biotech, high-tech, aerospace, and energy industries. 

Improving your recruiting and meeting your business goals

Recruiting is one of the most critical enterprise-wide processes for any company, as critical as manufacturing, sales, and customer service. In fast-growing and large companies, recruiting is a repeatable, high-volume process that directly impacts your brand reputation, customer relationships, and bottom line. Your recruiting process must be smooth, efficient, provde an excellent expereience for all job candidates, and measured. Good recruiting accelerates the achievement of your strategies and goals and can be the difference between making your P&L goals.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, employers faced 21 months in a row when there were more job openings than unemployed in the US. The United States is in a long-term labor shortage, at least through the decade, due to low birth rates, retiring baby boomers, and immigration limits.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 shut down recruiting for several months and then changed what employees want from an employer. Remote workers and their bosses learned that about 70 percent of employees working from home were as productive as in the office. They also learned that they prefer working at home to avoid commutes and office interruptions and for a better work-life balance.

Now, as Covid 19 is becoming endemic, the expectations of employers have changed. While about half of employers are recalling their employees to the office, about half of these employees say they do not want to return five days a week. Of these employees, half would rather quit than return to the office.

In addition to remote or hybrid work models, Millennials, as they mature into their 30s, what more paid time off, better benefits, equity, learning and career opportunities, transparent and collaborative work cultures — and higher pay. 

Gen Z wants all of this and to work for employers who offer work with purpose, support climate change and diversity and inclusion, and have robust digital technology, such as chatbots and on-demand training.

Today, recruiters see as much as 92 percent of job candidates stop completing their employment applications if it takes longer than five to ten minutes.

More than ever, employers need a robust and speedy recruiting process.

The good news is that recruiters and human resources now have the same tools available to them that have been available to marketing leaders: artificial intelligence to find new, qualified job candidates, chatbots to contact them, and robust applicant tracking systems that do much of the administrative work, generate metrics, and can send texts to candidates to update them on their status and schedule appointments. The trouble is that many companies are running recruiting like it was the turn of the century.

I have led recruiting for Honeywell and Medtronic strategic business units in the US and overseas for over thirty years and have not seen this level of disruption as we are seeing today. I built a reputation for making recruiting and HR work well and being “Mr. Fix HR.” 

In 2019, I published my highly acclaimed book, Hack Recruiting, The Best of Empirical Research, method and Process, and Digitization. My audits are based on the strategies, empirical evidence, and digital technology outlined in my book. In other words, on what works.

My audits cover the following:

No. 1. Map the recruiting process and finding the pain points where processes and decisions break down.

No. 2. Analyze and improve your career page and sourcing strategies.

No. 3. Analyze the causes of your new hire and annual turnover and its costs. Many times what is thought to be a recruiting problem is really a pay or toxic work culture problem.

No. 4. Review your employer brand to see if your organization is offering the benefits and work environment job seekers want.

No. 5. Review how interviews are conducted to ensure they are compliant and a reliable tool for hiring the best of your job candidates.

No. 6. Review any personality and skill assessments you use to make sure they are validated and reliable.

No. 7 Review legal and regulatory compliance issues to help your organization avoid costly and time-consuming charges and litigation. This review will include the following at the federal level and in the states where your employees reside.

    • Negligent hiring practices
    • Ban the Box compliance
    • Bans on asking about salary history
    • EEOC and other laws on compliance with non-discriminatory practices
    • Affirmative action recruiting, when it is required.
    • I-9 or E-Verify verification.

No. 8. Review your organization’s current recruiting applicant tracking system and technology to determine if it is optimized and used effectively.

No. 9. If necessary, recommend affordable digital technology that will accelerate your recruiting processes, cut costs, improve the experience for the job candidates, and provide you with a return on your investment. (I do not take referral fees from technology companies).

No. 10. Review your recruiting measures and metrics to ensure you track your recruiting process and improve your hiring.

No. 11. Provide you cost estimates on our recommendations and calculate your return on investment if you implement our recommendations.

After the audit, I can work with your recruiting team to implement the recommendations.

Please don’t continue to recruit like it is 2001. Improve your recruiting today to achieve your business strategies. You will love the results.

Contact me for retained search or recruitnig audits at 707-331-6740 or at, or fill out the contact card below to have a complimentary, up to one-hour, strategy session.

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