Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching is extraordinarily helpful to executives (director and above) who are transitioning through a new leadership passage, need to improve some aspects of their leadership style, or making adjustments to their operating norms and mechanisms.

It may be that the executive has joined a new company and needs to adapt to the new culture, pick up on its organizational cues, and learn how to influence others and get work done in the new culture.

Every leadership transition involves learning the roles and expectations at the new level in the organization. Every promoted leader needs to learn to stop doing the tasks which led to their promotion and learn the new tasks required for the new role.

Executives at this level often need to learn to manage through other experienced leaders, build excellent operating mechanism, effectively inspire their direct reports and departments, and delegate not just goals, but strategies and initiatives to others.

Executives of multi-cultural teams need to work within the multi-cultural framework, dynamics and geographical proximity of the team. Leaders today often need more agility than dominance, but still the capability to act with speed and decisiveness. They need to be comfortable with digital technology.


Here is how I work with executives in coaching engagements:

  1. Current Situation. I focus on you, your current situation, the challenges you want to overcome, and the change you want to make to be successful. I will ask you about your:
    1. Current vision, work goals, stressors, situation, and challenges
    2. Your executive leadership model and how you learned it
    3. Career goals
    4. Learning goals and changes you want to achieve
    5. The operating mechanism you have set up with your executive team.
  1. Feedback. I collect feedback from your leader and human resources consultant. I also will:
    1. Request to review your last three performance appraisals, any performance management and development feedback, and the results.
    2. Depending on the circumstances, I may conduct stakeholder interviews, 360° feedback, scientifically-developed leadership style assessments, or observations of you with your staff.
  1. Our Partnership and Goals. Create a partnership between you, your leader, and the H R consultant. Our partnership focuses on measurable goals, feedback, skill development, milestones, and progress meetings.
  1. Interactions with you are confidential. From time to time, it is important to provide a general update to your leader and H R consultant, at a determined cadence.
  1. The meetings tend to be in-person once a week or 2-3 times a month, with more and longer meetings at the beginning. It usually settles into less frequent meetings as progress and success gain momentum, usually monthly.
  1. Additional Resources. I may recommend additional resources (readings, video clips, actions, etc.) between meetings to accelerate skill development and change.
  1. Re-assessment. I often recommend a re-assessment at the end of the intervention to assess progress against goals, changes, new strengths, and future development.

I am certified in the Grow InsideOut Development Coaching Methodology and have experience with executives, technical leaders, and sales leaders.

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