The Secret to Keeping Smart Teams from Failing

Many teams, and especially teams loaded with smart and highly educated people, fail because management and team members do not understand the fundamental differences in communication styles among employees. I learned this lesson up close and personal, working with research and development (R&D) teams in the Aerospace industry. The head of R&D was frustrated with… Read More

Six exciting seminars for H R leaders this summer

I am leading six exciting Seminars this summer with the Northern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA). Learn more about SHRM Professional Development credits and HCRI Recertification credits–and sign up!–at Strategic Thinking–Conquering the Traditional H R Paradigms. NCHRA H R Business Leader Series. July 7. 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Redwood Credit Union, 3033 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa, CA. H… Read More