Seven Steps to Improve Employee Retention

Concern over employee retention has increased sharply in the US — where unemployment is now below 4% — but, also, around the world. A 2017 study by Towers Watson uncovered that more than 50% of all organizations globally struggle to retain their most valuable employees.[i]  More than 80% of HR leaders believe improving retention is… Read More


Can we face the truth about employee engagement?

That was the best training I ever had for team leadership, the director told me, after a half-day employee engagement training. The objective of the program was to improve the relationship building skills of leaders with each of their team members—and employee retention. The director went on to explain that he always achieved his goals,… Read More


Ten Steps for Awesome Onboarding and Higher Productivity!

Do you want to have faster time-to-full productivity for your new hires?  Improved retention? Higher employee engagement? Have your new hires be your best new hire referral source? Who doesn’t? So, what is your company doing to have an awesome onboarding program? The Aberdeen Group, in a 2009 study, found that companies with effective onboarding… Read More


Employees and Consumers Prefer Ethical Behavior and Environmental Sustainability

Are you looking for that new disruptive innovation and business model? Awesome! In your hot pursuit of disruptive innovation, it is important to remember that the demise of many once innovative, or even long-standing brands hasn’t been a bad financial quarter. Instead, it has been disclosed unethical behavior. Enron and Tyco immediately come to mind.… Read More

Eight Steps from Neuroscience that Will Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity!

Researchers, such as Gallop, have demonstrated the economic benefits of improving employee engagement, including higher productivity, better quality products and increased profitability.[i] Since the early 2000s, however, the empirical evidence has shown that the overall level of employee engagement in the United States, and around the world, has not increased. While many leaders believe in… Read More

Live Webinar – The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Fixing Performance Management

Over the past decade, the HR industry has seen big changes in performance management. HR professionals no longer abide by the philosophy of “up or out.” This outdated philosophy calls for the removal of the bottom 10% of employees annually then focusing development and rewards on a company’s high potentials. Instead, companies are moving to… Read More

Breaking Through the Employee Engagement Ceiling

Gallup’s insightful State of the Global Workforce reports have galvanized interest among executives about the value of employee engagement. Ever since Gallup began to measure employee engagement in 2000, however, the needle hasn’t moved much. Starting with Gallup’s first report, actively engaged employee scores have ranged from 13% to 20% and disengaged employee scores have… Read More

Women in the Workforce: What Decade is This?

It has been an extraordinary week for news about women in the workforce, with events that make me wonder if this is the 1970s, or closer to 2020. On Monday, I was aghast to hear comments from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump when asked what he thought his daughter Ivanka should do if faced with… Read More

What Does 80% of the U.S. Workforce Want?

A pay raise? A compliment from the boss? The answer may surprise you – 80 to 90% of the workforce wants to be telecommuters.[i] And why not? As telecommuters, workers are typically more productive, have higher morale, save commuting costs, and have more flexibility for work/life integration.[ii] What is in it for management and investors?… Read More

It’s Mid-Year. Are Your Talent Management Strategies Leading to Improved Business Results?

Organizations that have comprehensive talent management strategies benefit from exciting work environments, higher performing, innovative employees, and top-tier financial success. So, halfway through the year, how are your talent management strategies working out?  Are they accelerating the profitable growth of your business?  What are your predictive measures telling you? Just as the different elements of… Read More