Career development provides a better return than recruiting

Executives are spending more time investing in the career development of employees. Why? They want to retain their talent. This is smart thinking as the cost of retention is less expensive than recruiting in today’s tight talent economy. Now is the time to put in place excellent retention practices. Recruiting is the number one concern… Read More

Tired of Talking About Millennials? Me Too. But Two Juggernauts Are Coming…

A recruiter complained to me recently about Millennials, “I have so many Millennials who do not show up for their interviews. Once they are hired, our managers have a hard time motivating them, and their turnover is high. It’s not like when we were young.” “Maybe it is,” I countered. I reminded her of the… Read More

The Best Talent Strategies to Keep Your Best Employees

The top strategies to improve retention will probably astonish you. More and more companies are struggling with employee retention in the face of an eight-year recovery, low unemployment, and labor shortages. Human Resources can drive company value by implementing retention strategies. First, understand that employee retention requires a talent mindset and takes a comprehensive approach.… Read More

The real key to employee retention may surprise you

Last week, TINYpulse, the employee survey and engagement company, released its latest report on retention. Employee engagement in the United States and around the globe has been rather anemic—and for a long time! When Gallup released its State of the U. S. Workforce Report in 2013, it found that only 30% of employees were “strongly… Read More