Try the No. 1 non-pay benefit that saves you money!

A CEO exclaimed that she could not compete with the higher-than-average pay and benefits of large employers. “What can I do?” she asked. I told her she should offer flexible work arrangements to her employees who did most of their work through a computer. This would help her attract more employees, increase productivity, improve employee… Read More

How to Avoid IBM’s Woes with Telework

Recent headlines proclaimed that many IBM departments have ditched the company’s long-standing and successful remote work program. Despite the attention those headlines garnered, empirical evidence shows that teleworking is on the upswing with many companies because it improves productivity, and it is one of the most popular non-monetary attractions to employees. If you are recruiting,… Read More

IBM Marketing Calls It Quits on Telecommuting. It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing!

After being a leader in telecommuting, IBM is calling it quits, due to declining revenues.  At least, it’s calling it quits in its marketing organizations in the US and Europe. It feels like a Marissa Mayer step backwards – it is sure to increase turnover, as well as lower morale and productivity. There is a… Read More

Long Commutes Hurt Productivity and Morale. Here is a Better Way…

Are your workers struggling with long commutes that cut into the workday, drain productivity, and drive up costs for your business and for them?  There is a better way. Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world, based on a study by the transportation analytics firm, INRIX. Last year, the average LA driver wasted… Read More

The Top Six Benefits Preferred by Millennials!

Many companies are jumping through hoops to come up with quirky benefits to attract skilled millennials. Give it a rest. According to a study published by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, rather than trendy benefits, here is what millennials prefer:[i] Training and Development. Millennials prefer real learning opportunities related to their positions, and they want… Read More

Studies Show that Open Offices Negatively Impact Employees and Productivity

Many studies, including ones conducted by the manufacturers that sell office furniture used for open offices, have shown that open floor plans hurt productivity and dampen employee morale. And, contrary to what was first thought, they are not the panacea for promoting collaboration. The pitfalls of open office spaces have been known for some time… Read More

What Does 80% of the U.S. Workforce Want?

A pay raise? A compliment from the boss? The answer may surprise you – 80 to 90% of the workforce wants to be telecommuters.[i] And why not? As telecommuters, workers are typically more productive, have higher morale, save commuting costs, and have more flexibility for work/life integration.[ii] What is in it for management and investors?… Read More

Four Proven Recruiting Strategies for High Flying Labor Markets!

Various industries, including: high tech, trucking, accounting, and STEM, are reporting difficult times with recruiting. There just isn’t enough good talent available! The good news is the U.S. labor force has historical low participation rates. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the March U.S. work participation rate was 63%,[i] far below the highest participation… Read More

Will Perks and Wellness Benefits Alone Enable You to Compete in a Tight Labor Market?

A recent survey from Robert Half shows that while Chief Financial Officers want to expand health and wellness benefits, employees prefer additional vacation days, telecommuting options, and non-traditional work hours[i]. CFOs and employees do agree, however, on the popularity of perks, such as free breakfast and get-togethers. Robert Half’s Information Graphic With the recent surge… Read More

The drama over the next Speaker of the House gives an unexpected boost to work-life integration

Work-life integration, and the work place flexibility necessary to enable it, received an unexpected boost from Republican Congressman Paul Ryan last week. He announced that if he agreed to be Speaker of the House, it would not be at the expense of time with his family. The Congressman is married with three children. Most U.S.… Read More