Seven Mistakes New Leaders Make

I have worked with new leaders for over 25 years. Some make smooth transitions to leadership, but for many others, it is a rocky transition. Here are seven mistakes new leaders make and how to overcome them: Keep on doing exactly what got them there. Wrong. Most employees are first noticed as leaders by being… Read More

Learning & Development’s Role in Innovation!

Innovation continues to be a hot topic with CEOs. According to Mike Maddox, founder and CEO of Maddock Douglas, 84 percent of CEOs believe they need to improve innovation within their companies. We have found that creating an organizational culture of innovation is the foundation for sustaining ongoing innovation within a company, maintaining a competitive… Read More

Incomplete science has shrunk learning organizations. Time for a comeback.

If you listen to some of the pundits or review the marketing materials of technology platforms that offer instant on-line learning, you could come to the conclusion that there is no need for organizational learning. I couldn’t disagree more. In today’s tight U.S. labor market, executives are increasingly concerned about how to retain employees, increase… Read More