Attract Millennial Job Seekers Without Breaking the Bank

A client recently asked me about the best perks to offer Millennial and Generation Z employees. “Do they want more free food? Or is it more paid time off?” they wondered. “We already offer health care,” they added. I told them to offer competitive pay and benefits in this time of full employment. Surveys consistently… Read More

Long Commutes Hurt Productivity and Morale. Here is a Better Way…

Are your workers struggling with long commutes that cut into the workday, drain productivity, and drive up costs for your business and for them?  There is a better way. Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world, based on a study by the transportation analytics firm, INRIX. Last year, the average LA driver wasted… Read More

Cortes and the elusive chase of work-life balance

Many employees chase the elusive pursuit of work-life balance, like the Spaniard Cortes combing the jungles of South America in the 16th century, looking for the city of gold, Eldorado. Work-life balance for full-time workers is elusive and nearly impossible to achieve. Even the word “balance” brings to mind a Zen-like equilibrium of two opposing… Read More