Why it doesn’t matter that the gig workforce may be shrinking…

The percentage of Americans working in alternative work arrangements — such as independent contractors, on-call workers, and those who contract through a third party — has shrunk 0.6% since 2005.  According to a US Labor Department report, the total of people working in such alternative arrangements now is 10.1% According to the survey, this change… Read More


California Supreme Court’s New Legal Standard Makes It Difficult to Classify Workers as Contractors

Yesterday the California Supreme Court adopted a new legal standard that will make it much more difficult for businesses to classify workers as independent contractors, drastically changing the legal landscape across the golden state. The misclassification of workers can result in significant legal exposure concerning wage and hour compliance and fines. Although the court case… Read More

Use of contingent workers hits a speed bump!

During the past several days, we have seen headlines about two companies that employ drivers and, according to the courts or regulators, violated laws on contingent workers and the definition of technical platforms. FedEx disclosed a $228 million settlement for not classifying its 2,300 delivery drivers in California as employees, after losing in a federal… Read More