Preventing human and AI bias when recruiting

Many pundits and HR leaders are raising legitimate concerns about bias in Artificial Intelligence platforms used for recruiting. These concerns are well founded, but let’s not forget a hiring bias that’s even more pervasive: the biased hiring decisions humans unwittingly make every day. We can correct human and AI bias. Here is my analysis: For… Read More


5 leadership lessons from the maverick of the Senate

Arizona Senator John McCain, known as a genuine war hero, a political maverick, straight talker, champion of bipartisanship in service to America, and two-time candidate for the Presidency, died over the weekend after a long fight with brain cancer. His passing is feared to be end of political era of bipartisanship and selfless service to… Read More


Newly Promoted to VP? Your Learning Has Just Begun.

A new vice president reached out to me recently to discuss how to prepare for her new role. “What do I need to do differently?” she asked. Every promotion is a passage to a new level of leadership I told her. “Are you ready to stop doing what led to your promotion, and begin learning… Read More

Seven Traits of Agile and Innovative Leaders

Dominance used to be the main criteria CEOs and Chief Human Resources Officers used to determine who would make a great leader. Dominance and achievement were the most reliable characteristics CEOs looked for to determine who would be their successors. Dominant leaders are the ones who speak first in meetings, most frequently interrupt others, and… Read More

6 Tips to Focus Employees on What to Do—And What to Stop

One of the toughest challenges facing any CEO is rallying the organization to effectively execute new strategies. Many business pundits wisely encourage CEOs to use the company’s mission and higher purpose to appeal to the intrinsic motivation of their employees. Employees, to be sure, will commit their discretionary effort and innovation to a cause they… Read More

Performance Management Changes Are Often the Missing Link with Innovation

I was seated at an innovation conference for lunch, when the Research and Development leader of a major U.S. active sportswear maker told me he had a confession. His organization was successful at creating new ideas, selecting the best ones to advance, and project- managing those ideas, but their innovations often stalled because the organization’s… Read More

Six Traits of Highly Innovative Companies

Companies often contact us at InnovationOne because their long-range financial forecasts are on a southbound train. Or, they are facing fierce competition from industry disruptors that have a new technology, newly applied technology in their industry, or a better business model. Sometimes their innovation projects have not produced tangible results. Or, they tried a new,… Read More

CEOs Can Have It All: Great Financial Performance and Innovation!

Innovation remains a continuing concern for CEOs. Highly innovative companies, such as Tesla, Salesforce.com, and Alexion Pharmaceuticals, garner the admiration of others. Many executives, however, tell me that their CEOs resist taking steps to improve innovation for fear that their organizations will lose focus on current operations and miss their financial goals. Becoming a highly… Read More

Ignite the Innovation Engine!

Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, research shows that powerful leaders who foster innovation generate measurable new value for their organizations. InnovationOne provides a scientifically-based blueprint for successfully creating an innovative culture in your organization. Learn to use this proprietary assessment tool, the Innovation Health Index, benchmarked in over 2,000 organizations, to ignite the power… Read More

The key to retaining employees is in making the talent management pivot!

Wharton professor Peter Cappelli observes that the staffing of human resources departments is cyclical[i] – staffing goes up in expanding economies and down during recessions. Unfortunately, when human resource staffs are cut back during recessions, businesses lose their talent management expertise and mindset. Currently, as the U.S. economy chugs along to full employment, businesses are… Read More