9 Strategies to Avoid Reorganization and M&A Failure

New findings from an online survey of 2,500 reorganizations show that only 11% of reorganizations driven by Mergers and Acquisitions achieve total success. Worse, 28% have a negative impact on the business as compared with 17% of other types of reorganizations. That is a horrible track record. But there are ways to increase the success… Read More

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Leading Cultural Change

Many executives believe that organizational culture is too squishy to be managed reasonably. So, when implementing new business models, strategies, or mergers and acquisitions, executives spend a lot of time on marketing analytics, financial analysis, mission, organization structure, key messages and talking points and leave the persuasion, change management, and the inevitable need to change… Read More

Nine Key Strategies for Merger and Acquisition Success!

Fueled by low interest rates, which are expected to rise, and a growing global economy, mergers and acquisitions in 2015 have already topped $1 trillion. If the trend continues, M&A will top $3.7 trillion this year, making it the second-biggest year in history after 2007.[i] Despite market and financial analysis, investment, and herculean efforts,┬áresearchers find┬áthat… Read More