Strategy Shift: Innovation and risk as the foundation for strategy and financial success.

In Strategy Shift, my colleague, C. Brooke Dobni Ph.D. with co-author  Christopher Sand, Ph.D. assert that organizations that want to be innovative need a strategy shift. To innovate and pivot quickly, firms must continually nurture their culture to innovate and adapt and evolve with their ever-evolving business context. Human Resources leaders have a role at the… Read More


Don’t manage to an employee engagement score. Instead, drive business value.

The $74 billion employment engagement industry has a serious problem. After nearly 18 years, it is not driving sufficient business value to justify its costs. Instead, values, business purpose, organizational learning, and culture are the true factors that drive business value. Employee engagement is an outdated idea that needs to be overhauled. Gallup’s State of… Read More

Secrets to Creating an Exciting Employee Experience!

Employers who want to get higher levels of discretionary effort from their employees and all the awesome side effects that come along with it, such as higher morale, loyalty, productivity and innovation, need to face reality. Achieving higher employee effort doesn’t come from doing the same old, same old, or what has become habit. Instead,… Read More

Can You Fix a Broken Business Culture?

Or is it nearly impossible? Instead, should you just focus on fixing your business, and the rest will follow? These are the questions raised by a recent Harvard Business Review article by Harvard Professor Louis E. Kirstein and research associate Emily McTague.[i] After conducting interviews with excellent CEO’s, including Doug Baker, CEO of Ecolab, Richard… Read More

Don’t end up camped on Mount Delusional when implementing strategy!

All executives, human resources leaders and organizational development consultants know that leading change and implementing new strategy is difficult. The empirical research tells us that 70% of company strategies fail. I, like many of you, have depended on change methodologies like John Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model to implement new strategies.  I’ve found that the… Read More