The Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Their Workforce

Many CEOs will tell you that their workforce is their strongest asset. They write mission statements and hang their carefully crafted values on the walls of their entrance lobbies and conference rooms. They profess their commitment to hiring the best employees and offering them great careers. While all this may be great, it’s often just… Read More

The Top Six Benefits Preferred by Millennials!

Many companies are jumping through hoops to come up with quirky benefits to attract skilled millennials. Give it a rest. According to a study published by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, rather than trendy benefits, here is what millennials prefer:[i] Training and Development. Millennials prefer real learning opportunities related to their positions, and they want… Read More

Seven Mistakes Companies Make When Trying to Retain Employees

Companies operating in the United States face a tight labor market. Having strategies in place to retain employees is vital. If you believe you can provide a counter offer to an employee on the day she or he presents you with a resignation letter, that is a big mistake. It is already too late! Research… Read More

Human capital plans go a long way toward improving business strategy success!

At a recent workshop on strategic human resources, an attendee asked “How do you prepare a human capital plan?” It’s a timely topic, since Q4 is often when annual plans and strategic plans are written for the following business year or planning cycle.  Moreover, recent surveys and research show that CEOs want human resources leaders… Read More