Every recruiting department needs a job candidate net promoter score

Every business process needs metrics and measures. These are used to track progress, to warn the process owners about obstacles and concerns, and to assure the organization’s success. Recruiting is no different. The top-level metrics should be displayed on a dashboard. Each top-level measure should have sub-measures that will serve as an alert that a… Read More


How companies get recruiting wrong

Many companies go about recruiting in the wrong way. They focus too much on experienced candidates, overspend on the process, and they don’t get the best results. Worse, however, they ignore two much more cost-effective and productive methods of recruiting: developing the talent of current employees and turning their external recruiting focus to college graduates… Read More


Digitization Comes to HR!

Human Resources executives now have access to digital tools that have empowered cancer specialists to make breakthroughs. These same tools have also helped marketing organizations find new customers, attract them to the company’s brand, and build relationships with them. These tools will disrupt how HR recruits, develops strategic talent pools, identifies job competencies, conducts benefits… Read More


Six strategies to recruit a Veteran workforce of 240,000

This week the US recognizes and thanks veterans for their sacrifice and service to the United States. It is a great time to assess your own veteran recruiting program, or if you don’t have one, to start one up. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the unemployment rate for veterans in October 2018 was… Read More


Time to tap 70 million forgotten workers

Shelley Winner had an extraordinary and courageous story to tell about herself in her five minutes of speaking at DisruptHR San Francisco Bay Area last May 31. Shelley is a lovely, tall, slender, young, white woman who had the air of confidence and invincibility I find among many young women in Silicon Valley, but with… Read More


Attract Millennial Job Seekers Without Breaking the Bank

A client recently asked me about the best perks to offer Millennial and Generation Z employees. “Do they want more free food? Or is it more paid time off?” they wondered. “We already offer health care,” they added. I told them to offer competitive pay and benefits in this time of full employment. Surveys consistently… Read More


It is full employment. Time to change recruiting strategies.

The US government announced a 3.8% unemployment rate on Friday, June 1, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969.[i] It is virtually full employment. As a result, to attract new hires, you need to recruit passive job candidates who already have a job or new entrants such as graduates from technical programs or colleges. There are… Read More


Blockchain is here. Is HR ready?

As a recruiter, wouldn’t you like to receive 100% accurate and verifiable resumes and conduct instantaneous background checks? That technology is here. And it is called blockchain. Blockchain technology is a secure decentralized network of computers that verifies and automates the flow of information. It now can be trustworthy and eliminates intermediaries. It is best… Read More

Achieve a zero-day job opening fill rate even with 4% unemployment

If your recruiters are spending hours or days hunting through job postings and social media looking for job candidates and handing resumes to hiring managers — you are wasting your time. Affordable technology now exists to replace the days of hunting online. Your recruiters can now up their game and spend more time developing relationships… Read More

Is It Time to Let Artificial Intelligence Improve Recruiting?

Can human resources leaders use Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to manage recruiting in the same way marketing executives use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to find, nurture and win over new clients? We have heard the hype about AI.  Now we are learning more about its capabilities to be a game changer in recruiting. While… Read More