It is time to recruit America’s forgotten workforces.

Are you struggling to find job candidates for entry-level job openings? It  is time to consider America’s forgotten workers—  the formally incarcerated and those with disabilities, including autism. A recent and insightful article in The Wall Street Journal illustrates the success of people who have a high functioning form of autism. One is Nathan Mort… Read More

Has the #MeToo Movement shocked your complacency? Take these 7 steps!

The frightened employee called our ethics hotline 17 years ago to report that her former boss, a Vice President, was harassing her at her apartment building. He would show up at her apartment building, despite it being halfway across the US, and hide outside the entrance. He would appear as she approached the entrance to… Read More

Airbnb’s Hyper-growth, HR and AI, The Truth About Gender Bias in Leadership

Are you ready for the disruptive spirit of HR? If you have never experienced a DisruptHR event, expect high energy, fast pace, fresh and leading content like you have never heard before. Food, wine, and beer. The audience is encouraged to holler, text and tweet. DisruptHR is an information exchange of 12 speakers presenting fresh… Read More

How AI can improve your employee inclusion and engagement!

The traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion are not moving the needle. Whether its “the letter” at Google or sensational headlines about bad behavior at companies such as Uber or Fox News, diversity and inclusion remain a hot topic. Can Artificial Intelligence help? Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining wide acceptance for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)… Read More

Use your data to improve sales force recruiting, skills, diversity, and sales!

The goal was to double the sales force of a medical device company that was launching a game-changing product, by hiring more than 100 sales representatives across the U.S. We needed to accomplish this in roughly six months. And, by the way, the new sales reps had to have technical skills our current sales force… Read More

Coaching Girls Softball Taught Me Important Lessons About Leadership

One of the biggest influences in my young life was a baseball coach in junior high who spent extra time with me, not the best athlete by any measure. He helped me work on my batting technique, especially, bunting. It paid off, when we needed a bunt during a playoff game to score the winning… Read More

Tired of Talking About Millennials? Me Too. But Two Juggernauts Are Coming…

A recruiter complained to me recently about Millennials, “I have so many Millennials who do not show up for their interviews. Once they are hired, our managers have a hard time motivating them, and their turnover is high. It’s not like when we were young.” “Maybe it is,” I countered. I reminded her of the… Read More

She Is Already Getting a 12% Increase! Why Offer Her More?

“She is a good candidate, but I want to bring her in at 75% of our market value. That salary will give her a 12% increase, and it saves my budget. She will take it.” “Not so fast. Our minimum is 90% of market value.” After reviewing the resume, application and interview notes for this… Read More

The Corporate Diversity Movement Got It Wrong. The Key is Common Focus, Discomfort and Conflict!

If you lead a global company with demanding customers that is fast paced, facing frequent change, and requiring innovation, you need more discomfort and conflict.  For that, you need a diverse, global and inclusive workforce.  Studies show that type of workforce is worth the investment. (More on that below). The diversity movement in corporations, however,… Read More

Women in the Workforce: What Decade is This?

It has been an extraordinary week for news about women in the workforce, with events that make me wonder if this is the 1970s, or closer to 2020. On Monday, I was aghast to hear comments from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump when asked what he thought his daughter Ivanka should do if faced with… Read More