Do you know the benefit preferences of your workforce?

I am always delighted when clients, in the middle of an HR audit, are curious about what additional benefits they should offer to attract and retain workers for their fast-growing firms. “Should I provide more paid-time off?” they ask. “What about setting up a ping pong table by the break area?” I always respond by… Read More


Six Steps for 2018 to Overcome Small Salary Increase Budgets and New Pay Equity Laws

  Two compensation issues are giving workforce leaders fits at the beginning of 2018. The first is the continued small budgets for pay increases which causes challenges for retaining your best workers in a tight labor market. The second is gender pay equity laws being enacted in many cities and states. Salary increase predictions from… Read More


She Is Already Getting a 12% Increase! Why Offer Her More?

“She is a good candidate, but I want to bring her in at 75% of our market value. That salary will give her a 12% increase, and it saves my budget. She will take it.” “Not so fast. Our minimum is 90% of market value.” After reviewing the resume, application and interview notes for this… Read More

The Top Six Benefits Preferred by Millennials!

Many companies are jumping through hoops to come up with quirky benefits to attract skilled millennials. Give it a rest. According to a study published by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, rather than trendy benefits, here is what millennials prefer:[i] Training and Development. Millennials prefer real learning opportunities related to their positions, and they want… Read More

Wells Fargo ignored early signals of cultural breakdown!

Wells Fargo’s CEO, John Stumpf, defiantly told congressional investigators that, despite a multi-year scandal and $185 million fine, the bank did not have a culture problem.[i] But, when 5,300 employees are fired for a five-year pattern of stealing private records, you have more than a culture problem. You have a problem with executive leadership. You… Read More

Employers Need to Brace For a Tight Labor Force and Higher Wages!

Buried in the news of robust U.S. job growth in June (287,000 jobs added) is that pay has risen at the fastest annual rate since 2009 (2.6%). Also, the labor market has tightened. The shoe has shifted to the other foot – it’s an employees’ job market!  Smart employers will adjust their talent management policies… Read More

Personal Reasons and Compensation Rank as Top Turnover Causes

A recent U.S. analysis on the top reasons why employees leave companies points to compensation as the No. 2 reason, preceded only by “personal reasons/life changes.” Perhaps most striking was the differing perceptions about fair pay. Although 73% of employers believe that their employees are paid fairly, only 36% of employees feel they are paid… Read More

Rewarding Success Comes Naturally. Do You Reward Failure in the Pursuit Of Innovation?

We are naturally inclined to cheer on a dramatic success and reward the winning outcome – the basketball player who makes the game winning shot at the buzzer, or the salesperson with the highest sales.  When a success is big and dramatic, easily measured, or highly visible, it is easy to reward with applause and… Read More

The Often Ignored Importance of Getting Pay Right!

I had just finished building a great team of recruiters and sourcers, refined our branding and social marketing, and trained management on the new applicant tracking system. We were ready to shift into high gear for serious recruiting to add hundreds of needed R&D, marketing, and sales employees, when a recruiter walked into my office… Read More

Employee engagement remains anemic. Here are nine ways to fix it!

During the past weeks, we have seen headlines declaring continued anemic scores for employee engagement. Other headlines have predicted small base pay increases for 2016. TINYpulse, the B2B employee survey company published the results of their latest employee engagement survey for high tech workers. Only 19% of respondents gave strongly positive answers when asked about… Read More