Five Questions to Screen for Emotional Intelligence

Many clients and readers have asked me for a simple list of questions to use while screening for emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence has been shown by research to be the secret sauce for selecting executives, first level managers, and customer facing employees who will succeed – it’s even more important than high IQ. (For more… Read More


What is better than intelligence for job performance?

I know several CEOs who want to always hire the smartest person they could find for leadership roles. Unfortunately, they were making costly mistakes. High intelligence is only one of several factors for recruiters and hiring managers to consider when choosing among candidates and for executives and talent leaders to consider when deciding whom to… Read More


Seven Traits of Agile and Innovative Leaders

Dominance used to be the main criteria CEOs and Chief Human Resources Officers used to determine who would make a great leader. Dominance and achievement were the most reliable characteristics CEOs looked for to determine who would be their successors. Dominant leaders are the ones who speak first in meetings, most frequently interrupt others, and… Read More

Three Lessons to Learn from the Zenefits Scandal…

During the past week, Zenefits’ founder and CEO, Conrad Parker, resigned over a breaking scandal that Zenefits had hired benefits brokers who were not licensed to sell Zenefits’ services in Washington State and other jurisdictions. And worse, that Zenefits had developed a secret software program to make it appear that brokers had completed a 52-hour… Read More

Will using emotional intelligence improve your ability to select good managers?

I sometimes receive inquiries on how to improve their success rate for selecting good managers. Their inquiry often includes this question, “Is emotional intelligence a reliable predictor of manager success?”  The short answer is, “Yes.” Not only is emotional intelligence a good predictor of successful managers, but also for customer facing roles, as well as… Read More