Actions to combat the rise in positive drug tests

A new analysis shows that the rate of positive drug tests for the U.S. workforce rose to a 14-year high in 2018. The increase raises difficult questions for employers concerned about maintaining drug-free workplaces and preventing drug-caused workplace accidents in the face of the increasing use of  recreational and medical marijuana and the opioid drug… Read More


Technology geek, mission, and business ethics

The irony could not have been stronger. On my news feed, I saw that legendary Medtronic founder and technology geek Earl Bakken died at age 94. Then, just below, I spotted another headline reading, “Will Silicon Valley Ever Act Ethically?” For 12 years as the leader of human resources for various Medtronic business divisions, I… Read More


California Supreme Court’s New Legal Standard Makes It Difficult to Classify Workers as Contractors

Yesterday the California Supreme Court adopted a new legal standard that will make it much more difficult for businesses to classify workers as independent contractors, drastically changing the legal landscape across the golden state. The misclassification of workers can result in significant legal exposure concerning wage and hour compliance and fines. Although the court case… Read More

Has the #MeToo Movement shocked your complacency? Take these 7 steps!

The frightened employee called our ethics hotline 17 years ago to report that her former boss, a Vice President, was harassing her at her apartment building. He would show up at her apartment building, despite it being halfway across the US, and hide outside the entrance. He would appear as she approached the entrance to… Read More

Employees and Consumers Prefer Ethical Behavior and Environmental Sustainability

Are you looking for that new disruptive innovation and business model? Awesome! In your hot pursuit of disruptive innovation, it is important to remember that the demise of many once innovative, or even long-standing brands hasn’t been a bad financial quarter. Instead, it has been disclosed unethical behavior. Enron and Tyco immediately come to mind.… Read More

Three Lessons to Learn from the Zenefits Scandal…

During the past week, Zenefits’ founder and CEO, Conrad Parker, resigned over a breaking scandal that Zenefits had hired benefits brokers who were not licensed to sell Zenefits’ services in Washington State and other jurisdictions. And worse, that Zenefits had developed a secret software program to make it appear that brokers had completed a 52-hour… Read More