Don’t manage to an employee engagement score. Instead, drive business value.

The $74 billion employment engagement industry has a serious problem. After nearly 18 years, it is not driving sufficient business value to justify its costs. Instead, values, business purpose, organizational learning, and culture are the true factors that drive business value. Employee engagement is an outdated idea that needs to be overhauled. Gallup’s State of… Read More


New Research Shows How Stable Schedules Increases Productivity

When I worked with factory leaders in the US in the 1980s, I provided them research showing that factory worker productivity declined heavily after 11 hours and after sustained days of constant overtime. They used the research to schedule more sane and stable manufacturing hours and to maximize productivity and worker health. Now, new research… Read More


Can we face the truth? HR doesn’t have Big Data. Now what?

Every time I hear a presentation from a Silicon Valley based human resources organization about its Big Data analysis of the workforce, I remember Peter Cappelli’s article in the Harvard Business Review, “There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in HR.” Most organizations, Cappelli observes, have thousands of employees, not millions. And the documented performance… Read More


Reinvented talent management guides GE’s transformation

I have long felt that nothing is worse than a big company that can’t grow organically. So, writes retiring GE CEO, Jeff Immelt in a piece for the Harvard Business Review on the eve of the transition of GE’s leadership. What a difference the Internet of Everything and a CEO make! I remember his predecessor,… Read More


Implementing new H R technology? Remember, it is about the relationship…

The implementation of Human Resources digital technology “is about the relationship.” I was delighted to hear these words from Charlene Li, Principal Analyst at Altimeter. She is the author of five books, including The New York Times best seller Groundswell and her latest, The Engaged Leader. Ms. Li advocates that CEOs and Human Resources leaders… Read More

DisruptHR-San Francisco Speakers Announced

The speakers for the San Francisco Bay Area’s first DisruptHR include CEOs, technologists, artificial intelligence experts, human resources thought leaders and others ready to disrupt HR. Are you tired of the same old approach to Human Resources? Are you ready to start talking about talent and technology in a whole new way? Then DisruptHR is for… Read More

Are You Ready to Disrupt HR?

DisruptHR is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. Join me on the evening of April 27th at Domenico’s Winery in San Carlos for the rebellious spirit of HR. DisruptHR is an informal exchange designed to energize and inform business and human resources leaders. Are you tired of the same old approach to Human Resources?… Read More

The Corporate Diversity Movement Got It Wrong. The Key is Common Focus, Discomfort and Conflict!

If you lead a global company with demanding customers that is fast paced, facing frequent change, and requiring innovation, you need more discomfort and conflict.  For that, you need a diverse, global and inclusive workforce.  Studies show that type of workforce is worth the investment. (More on that below). The diversity movement in corporations, however,… Read More

Five Mistakes Companies Make with Onboarding

Many companies ignore an awesome opportunity to dramatically improve employee performance and engagement, as well as contributions to the bottom line, during the first week of their employment. While many companies provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s mission and strategies and use human resources technology platforms to gather payroll and compliance information and enroll… Read More

It’s Mid-Year. Are Your Talent Management Strategies Leading to Improved Business Results?

Organizations that have comprehensive talent management strategies benefit from exciting work environments, higher performing, innovative employees, and top-tier financial success. So, halfway through the year, how are your talent management strategies working out?  Are they accelerating the profitable growth of your business?  What are your predictive measures telling you? Just as the different elements of… Read More