It is full employment. Time to change recruiting strategies.

The US government announced a 3.8% unemployment rate on Friday, June 1, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969.[i] It is virtually full employment. As a result, to attract new hires, you need to recruit passive job candidates who already have a job or new entrants such as graduates from technical programs or colleges. There are… Read More


The number of lies on resumes is increasing. Who is telling the truth and who is lying?

The number of lies on resumes is increasing and could be as high as 85%. An Office Team survey found that 46% of workers said they know someone who lied on a resume — a 25-point increase from its 2011 survey.[i] HireRight’s 2017 employment screening benchmark report (which surveyed nearly 4000 HR professionals) states that… Read More


Blockchain is here. Is HR ready?

As a recruiter, wouldn’t you like to receive 100% accurate and verifiable resumes and conduct instantaneous background checks? That technology is here. And it is called blockchain. Blockchain technology is a secure decentralized network of computers that verifies and automates the flow of information. It now can be trustworthy and eliminates intermediaries. It is best… Read More

Dramatically improve your recruiting with this one solution

We recently found more than 30 new, qualified hard-to-find candidates for a client in mere seconds. The client could not have found these people after posting the job on Indeed and Career Builder and searching on LinkedIn. How did we do it? We used a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform created for recruiting. By using AI, we can find job candidates in seconds,… Read More

Is It Time to Let Artificial Intelligence Improve Recruiting?

Can human resources leaders use Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to manage recruiting in the same way marketing executives use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to find, nurture and win over new clients? We have heard the hype about AI.  Now we are learning more about its capabilities to be a game changer in recruiting. While… Read More

Airbnb’s Hyper-growth, HR and AI, The Truth About Gender Bias in Leadership

Are you ready for the disruptive spirit of HR? If you have never experienced a DisruptHR event, expect high energy, fast pace, fresh and leading content like you have never heard before. Food, wine, and beer. The audience is encouraged to holler, text and tweet. DisruptHR is an information exchange of 12 speakers presenting fresh… Read More

Can we face the truth? HR doesn’t have Big Data. Now what?

Every time I hear a presentation from a Silicon Valley based human resources organization about its Big Data analysis of the workforce, I remember Peter Cappelli’s article in the Harvard Business Review, “There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in HR.” Most organizations, Cappelli observes, have thousands of employees, not millions. And the documented performance… Read More

How AI can improve your employee inclusion and engagement!

The traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion are not moving the needle. Whether its “the letter” at Google or sensational headlines about bad behavior at companies such as Uber or Fox News, diversity and inclusion remain a hot topic. Can Artificial Intelligence help? Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining wide acceptance for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)… Read More

Implementing new H R technology? Remember, it is about the relationship…

The implementation of Human Resources digital technology “is about the relationship.” I was delighted to hear these words from Charlene Li, Principal Analyst at Altimeter. She is the author of five books, including The New York Times best seller Groundswell and her latest, The Engaged Leader. Ms. Li advocates that CEOs and Human Resources leaders… Read More