Career development provides a better return than recruiting

Executives are spending more time investing in the career development of employees. Why? They want to retain their talent. This is smart thinking as the cost of retention is less expensive than recruiting in today’s tight talent economy. Now is the time to put in place excellent retention practices. Recruiting is the number one concern… Read More


Five steps to successfully recruit and retain Gen Z

A group of millennials were discussing their careers with me, describing what they liked and didn’t like about their jobs when the topic of Generation Z came up. “They’re not like us,” one millennial observed. “They want everything on the internet. They are tough and emotionally cold.” I have written extensively about how millennials are… Read More


Companies are innovating with health care to cut costs and improve recruiting and retention

Something is afoot in health care. Large companies such as General Motors are abandoning health care insurance and are directly contracting with large health care providers to reduce costs while keeping quality standards. Smaller employers are using innovative health care providers that offer health care for as low as half the cost of conventional health… Read More


Do you know the benefit preferences of your workforce?

I am always delighted when clients, in the middle of an HR audit, are curious about what additional benefits they should offer to attract and retain workers for their fast-growing firms. “Should I provide more paid-time off?” they ask. “What about setting up a ping pong table by the break area?” I always respond by… Read More


Seven Steps to Improve Employee Retention

Concern over employee retention has increased sharply in the US — where unemployment is now below 4% — but, also, around the world. A 2017 study by Towers Watson uncovered that more than 50% of all organizations globally struggle to retain their most valuable employees.[i]  More than 80% of HR leaders believe improving retention is… Read More

Six Steps for 2018 to Overcome Small Salary Increase Budgets and New Pay Equity Laws

  Two compensation issues are giving workforce leaders fits at the beginning of 2018. The first is the continued small budgets for pay increases which causes challenges for retaining your best workers in a tight labor market. The second is gender pay equity laws being enacted in many cities and states. Salary increase predictions from… Read More

She Is Already Getting a 12% Increase! Why Offer Her More?

“She is a good candidate, but I want to bring her in at 75% of our market value. That salary will give her a 12% increase, and it saves my budget. She will take it.” “Not so fast. Our minimum is 90% of market value.” After reviewing the resume, application and interview notes for this… Read More

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Their Workforce

Many CEOs will tell you that their workforce is their strongest asset. They write mission statements and hang their carefully crafted values on the walls of their entrance lobbies and conference rooms. They profess their commitment to hiring the best employees and offering them great careers. While all this may be great, it’s often just… Read More

The Best Talent Strategies to Keep Your Best Employees

The top strategies to improve retention will probably astonish you. More and more companies are struggling with employee retention in the face of an eight-year recovery, low unemployment, and labor shortages. Human Resources can drive company value by implementing retention strategies. First, understand that employee retention requires a talent mindset and takes a comprehensive approach.… Read More

Seven Mistakes Companies Make When Trying to Retain Employees

Companies operating in the United States face a tight labor market. Having strategies in place to retain employees is vital. If you believe you can provide a counter offer to an employee on the day she or he presents you with a resignation letter, that is a big mistake. It is already too late! Research… Read More