Six Steps for 2018 to Overcome Small Salary Increase Budgets and New Pay Equity Laws

  Two compensation issues are giving workforce leaders fits at the beginning of 2018. The first is the continued small budgets for pay increases which causes challenges for retaining your best workers in a tight labor market. The second is gender pay equity laws being enacted in many cities and states. Salary increase predictions from… Read More


She Is Already Getting a 12% Increase! Why Offer Her More?

“She is a good candidate, but I want to bring her in at 75% of our market value. That salary will give her a 12% increase, and it saves my budget. She will take it.” “Not so fast. Our minimum is 90% of market value.” After reviewing the resume, application and interview notes for this… Read More


The Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Their Workforce

Many CEOs will tell you that their workforce is their strongest asset. They write mission statements and hang their carefully crafted values on the walls of their entrance lobbies and conference rooms. They profess their commitment to hiring the best employees and offering them great careers. While all this may be great, it’s often just… Read More


The Best Talent Strategies to Keep Your Best Employees

The top strategies to improve retention will probably astonish you. More and more companies are struggling with employee retention in the face of an eight-year recovery, low unemployment, and labor shortages. Human Resources can drive company value by implementing retention strategies. First, understand that employee retention requires a talent mindset and takes a comprehensive approach.… Read More


Seven Mistakes Companies Make When Trying to Retain Employees

Companies operating in the United States face a tight labor market. Having strategies in place to retain employees is vital. If you believe you can provide a counter offer to an employee on the day she or he presents you with a resignation letter, that is a big mistake. It is already too late! Research… Read More

Personal Reasons and Compensation Rank as Top Turnover Causes

A recent U.S. analysis on the top reasons why employees leave companies points to compensation as the No. 2 reason, preceded only by “personal reasons/life changes.” Perhaps most striking was the differing perceptions about fair pay. Although 73% of employers believe that their employees are paid fairly, only 36% of employees feel they are paid… Read More

The key to retaining employees is in making the talent management pivot!

Wharton professor Peter Cappelli observes that the staffing of human resources departments is cyclical[i] – staffing goes up in expanding economies and down during recessions. Unfortunately, when human resource staffs are cut back during recessions, businesses lose their talent management expertise and mindset. Currently, as the U.S. economy chugs along to full employment, businesses are… Read More

The real key to employee retention may surprise you

Last week, TINYpulse, the employee survey and engagement company, released its latest report on retention. Employee engagement in the United States and around the globe has been rather anemic—and for a long time! When Gallup released its State of the U. S. Workforce Report in 2013, it found that only 30% of employees were “strongly… Read More