Finding the talent your organization needs in today’s tight talent economy is a constant struggle. Help is on the way.

Recruiting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) breaks through the clutter enabling you to find excellent candidates and create a strategic talent pipeline.

Whether you need high tech, STEM, sales workers or executives, we have powerful solutions for you. 

We use a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform (which has been in development for over three years) that will quickly find the talent you need to empower your organization’s growth, innovation, and profitability.

Whether you do high volume recruiting, are conducting an executive search, are a start-up looking for that unique talent, or to improve the diversity of your talent pool, AI will break through the clutter you are now experiencing.

With us, you can find qualified job candidates within seconds–and then you or we can contact them, building relationships, and recruiting them.

Our services are flexible. Below are the options we offer:

  1.  Sourcing. We can source candidates for you, create a list, and then allow you to use the list to reach out to job candidates.
  2. Retained Search. Working in partnership with you, we conduct exclusive, retained searchers to find, attract and hire the critical talent you need.
  3. Contingent Search. We can partner with you and your team on a contingent search contract augment your ability to find the talent you need.
  4. Contract Recruiter. We can also assign you a contract recruiter for the number of hours you specify per week and for a certain period of time. Our experienced contract recruiter will work hand-in-hand with your team and use our tools to find excellent talent.

We bring over 30 years of experience sourcing and recruiting office, technical, manufacturing, STEM workers, and executive search to support your needs.

Our Artificial Intelligence recruiting capability provides:

  • Matched candidates from our Passive (Cold), Job Seekers (Warm), Active Seekers (Hot) and Hidden Talent Pools (As you choose).
  • Candidates from job posting to over 20 job boards, and options for additional specialty job boards.
  • A global database of over 300 million.
  • Diversity recruiting support with “Debiasing”, unbiased sourcing, targeted outreach, and diversity shortlisting
  • Identifying qualified job candidates who are hidden from you in your Applicant Tracking System
  • Resume parsing into a structured format for easier assessment
  • Sourcing links to your ATS
  • Pre-screening knock out questions
  • Access to screening assessments
  • Recruiting operations reporting, alerts, and audits
  • Talent mapping to identify where the talent you need exists around the world and its relative costs to inform your talent strategies


How it works

It begins with a sourcing strategy meeting with you. Together we will create a candidate profile and job description that identifies the backgrounds, competencies, experiences, achievements, academic degrees, past employers and association memberships for your ideal candidates.

Based on the candidate profile, we will generate a list of fresh candidates.

We will present top candidates to you and ask for your feedback.

Based on your feedback we can alter the candidate profile and regenerate the list to improve upon it.


We can partner with you to improve other components of your recruiting capability. We can help you:

  • Articulate a compelling employer brand and employee value proposition
  • Update your job descriptions and candidate profiles
  • Create structured interviews for your specific openings
  • Implement validated assessments to be sure your top candidates have the technical skills, values, and behaviors required for your jobs
  • Define clear roles for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers–and then train them.
  • Implement predictive recruiting metrics to track your company’s ability to source, attract, and assess excellent candidates promptly and quickly turn around offers to them.
  • Implement effective new hire onboarding practices to improve the time-to-full productivity for new hires and help them acclimate to their new teams and organizational culture.


We can work with you to find the talent you need in today’s tight talent economy.


Are you ready to use AI and improve your ability to source and recruit great candidates?

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