The Good, Bad and Ugly of Leading Cultural Change

Many executives believe that organizational culture is too squishy to be managed reasonably. So, when implementing new business models, strategies, or mergers and acquisitions, executives spend a lot of time on marketing analytics, financial analysis, mission, organization structure, key messages and talking points and leave the persuasion, change management, and the inevitable need to change… Read More

Wells Fargo ignored early signals of cultural breakdown!

Wells Fargo’s CEO, John Stumpf, defiantly told congressional investigators that, despite a multi-year scandal and $185 million fine, the bank did not have a culture problem.[i] But, when 5,300 employees are fired for a five-year pattern of stealing private records, you have more than a culture problem. You have a problem with executive leadership. You… Read More

CEOs Can Have It All: Great Financial Performance and Innovation!

Innovation remains a continuing concern for CEOs. Highly innovative companies, such as Tesla,, and Alexion Pharmaceuticals, garner the admiration of others. Many executives, however, tell me that their CEOs resist taking steps to improve innovation for fear that their organizations will lose focus on current operations and miss their financial goals. Becoming a highly… Read More

Old Fashion Collaboration Still Powers Innovation at 3M!

I recently had the opportunity to mix with dozens of 3Mers at The Conference Board’s 4th Annual Master Class on Innovation, held at the 3M Innovation Center in Maplewood, MN. 3M has a long, glorious history of innovation and is famed for its culture of allowing employees to spend 15% of their time on innovation.… Read More

Learning & Development’s Role in Innovation!

Innovation continues to be a hot topic with CEOs. According to Mike Maddox, founder and CEO of Maddock Douglas, 84 percent of CEOs believe they need to improve innovation within their companies. We have found that creating an organizational culture of innovation is the foundation for sustaining ongoing innovation within a company, maintaining a competitive… Read More

Strategy is Leadership! Strategy is Innovation! The advice of 10 experts on innovation.

In a world of constant change, technology breakthroughs, and globalization, company strategies need constant redefinition. This is the advice of Vijay Govindarajan, known as “VG” and the author of The Three Box Solution, speaking to the audience of the Front End of Innovation Conference last week in Boston. VG said executives need to avoid the… Read More

Ignite the Innovation Engine!

Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, research shows that powerful leaders who foster innovation generate measurable new value for their organizations. InnovationOne provides a scientifically-based blueprint for successfully creating an innovative culture in your organization. Learn to use this proprietary assessment tool, the Innovation Health Index, benchmarked in over 2,000 organizations, to ignite the power… Read More

Igniting innovation begins with business leaders and the culture they develop!

Many mid-cap and large companies long for more innovation to stimulate growth in a challenging, and fast-changing global business environment. A PwC Pulse Survey of 246 CEOs shows that 97% of business leaders see innovation as a top priority for their businesses.[i] While many executives want to ignite the innovation of their employees, they struggle… Read More

Your employee culture is tangible, measurable and will make or break your strategies!

At a recent leadership workshop I was facilitating, an attendee asked me how I work with executives on “soft issues, such as culture?”  My response was that employee culture is not the soft and squishy stuff that many executives, and even some human resources leaders, believe it is.  It is tangible, measurable and shaped by… Read More