Digitizing Your Company? Success Depends Largely on One Factor…

Empirical evidence has long shown that transparent, collaborative and adaptive cultures empower business and financial success by enabling innovation.[i] Now companies are learning that if they do not have innovative cultures their digitization strategies languish. According to McKinsey’s 2018 Global Survey on digital transformation, 80% of the nearly 1800 respondents have launched digitization efforts in… Read More

CEOs Must Do These 3 Things To Turbocharge Innovation

Check out my article in Chief Executive Magazine, with Ataman Ozyildirim of The Conference Board, “CEOs Must Do These 3 Things to Turbocharge Innovation”.  Across the globe, one business challenge has the ear of CEOs like few others: innovation. Six in 10 surveyed executives think the chance to avoid falling behind their competitors has passed. Much… Read More

Six Traits of Highly Innovative Companies

Companies often contact us at InnovationOne because their long-range financial forecasts are on a southbound train. Or, they are facing fierce competition from industry disruptors that have a new technology, newly applied technology in their industry, or a better business model. Sometimes their innovation projects have not produced tangible results. Or, they tried a new,… Read More

Big Companies Can Be Innovative Too!

If you read the business press, you might believe that only start-ups can be innovative.  Start-ups certainly have the advantage of agility, focus and speed. Without the burden of ongoing operations, customer relations, and Wall Street investors to manage, they can focus all of their attention on innovation. Large companies can also be extraordinarily successful… Read More