Use your data to improve sales force recruiting, skills, diversity, and sales!

The goal was to double the sales force of a medical device company that was launching a game-changing product, by hiring more than 100 sales representatives across the U.S. We needed to accomplish this in roughly six months. And, by the way, the new sales reps had to have technical skills our current sales force… Read More

Women in the Workforce: What Decade is This?

It has been an extraordinary week for news about women in the workforce, with events that make me wonder if this is the 1970s, or closer to 2020. On Monday, I was aghast to hear comments from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump when asked what he thought his daughter Ivanka should do if faced with… Read More

Does hiring for “cultural fit” really work?

Lately, I have received many questions regarding whether hiring for “cultural fit” works. Or, is hiring for “fit” the lazy way to hire?  Even worse, does it lead to discrimination in hiring decisions? Hiring for “cultural fit” began in the 1980s with companies such as Southwest Airlines. Southwest decided to hire staff that would be… Read More

Struggling to attract more women leaders? Try flexible work arrangements

Companies today are still struggling to attract and develop more female leaders. Although women make up more than half of the U.S. labor force, according to the U.S. Census of 2010, they are underrepresented in leadership roles at all levels.[i] It turns out that high potential woman across industries value flexible work arrangements that allow… Read More