Coaching Girls Softball Taught Me Important Lessons About Leadership

One of the biggest influences in my young life was a baseball coach in junior high who spent extra time with me, not the best athlete by any measure. He helped me work on my batting technique, especially, bunting. It paid off, when we needed a bunt during a playoff game to score the winning… Read More

What Performance Appraisals Are Really About…

When I met with my former Italian human resources director, which often was over dinner, he would frequently tell me, “In Italia, dinner is about the relationship.  Not the food.” I responded, “You have me fooled. This food and wine are great!” He was right, of course. When food and wine are extraordinary, as they… Read More

The One Step All Leaders Should Take to Drive Results!

The one step that all leaders can take to drive results is supported by mom and empirical research.  It is simple and straight forward. Even a five-year-old can do it. Say “thank you.” When employees are recognized and thanked by their leaders, it significantly raises their sense of achievement, engages them, and reinforces the behavior… Read More

Seven Mistakes New Leaders Make

I have worked with new leaders for over 25 years. Some make smooth transitions to leadership, but for many others, it is a rocky transition. Here are seven mistakes new leaders make and how to overcome them: Keep on doing exactly what got them there. Wrong. Most employees are first noticed as leaders by being… Read More

During this Thanksgiving Season, be the role model for recognition and appreciation!

This week is the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. It’s a good time for leaders to step back from the hustle and bustle and reflect on how they have thanked their teams for their hard work and contributions. Thanksgiving observations are also common around the world, either to recognize the hard work of labor,… Read More

Leaders today need agility—not dominance

Dominance has been the determining factor for selecting future leaders for decades[i], but that is changing. In fast-paced, digital, global businesses, dominance can create a good first impression, but it has a habit of wearing thin on people. When that happens, the dominant leader doesn’t inspire workers or even drive compliance. Dominant leaders usually speak… Read More

Nine Key Strategies for Merger and Acquisition Success!

Fueled by low interest rates, which are expected to rise, and a growing global economy, mergers and acquisitions in 2015 have already topped $1 trillion. If the trend continues, M&A will top $3.7 trillion this year, making it the second-biggest year in history after 2007.[i] Despite market and financial analysis, investment, and herculean efforts, researchers find that… Read More