Strategy Shift: Innovation and risk as the foundation for strategy and financial success.

In Strategy Shift, my colleague, C. Brooke Dobni Ph.D. with co-author  Christopher Sand, Ph.D. assert that organizations that want to be innovative need a strategy shift. To innovate and pivot quickly, firms must continually nurture their culture to innovate and adapt and evolve with their ever-evolving business context. Human Resources leaders have a role at the… Read More

6 Tips to Focus Employees on What to Do—And What to Stop

One of the toughest challenges facing any CEO is rallying the organization to effectively execute new strategies. Many business pundits wisely encourage CEOs to use the company’s mission and higher purpose to appeal to the intrinsic motivation of their employees. Employees, to be sure, will commit their discretionary effort and innovation to a cause they… Read More

Strategy is Leadership! Strategy is Innovation! The advice of 10 experts on innovation.

In a world of constant change, technology breakthroughs, and globalization, company strategies need constant redefinition. This is the advice of Vijay Govindarajan, known as “VG” and the author of The Three Box Solution, speaking to the audience of the Front End of Innovation Conference last week in Boston. VG said executives need to avoid the… Read More

Your employee culture is tangible, measurable and will make or break your strategies!

At a recent leadership workshop I was facilitating, an attendee asked me how I work with executives on “soft issues, such as culture?”  My response was that employee culture is not the soft and squishy stuff that many executives, and even some human resources leaders, believe it is.  It is tangible, measurable and shaped by… Read More

Don’t end up camped on Mount Delusional when implementing strategy!

All executives, human resources leaders and organizational development consultants know that leading change and implementing new strategy is difficult. The empirical research tells us that 70% of company strategies fail. I, like many of you, have depended on change methodologies like John Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model to implement new strategies.  I’ve found that the… Read More