Four studies identify the critical dynamics that contribute to team success.

When putting teams together, who do you pick to lead them? The individual with the highest IQ? The most extroverted? Or, the most dominant “driver”? New studies will have you rethink the characteristics of great team members and allow you to have effective and innovative teams and improve employee retention and company performance. The Massachusetts… Read More

Seven Ways to Assure High Performance with Global Teams

The new general manager of a recently acquired, innovative global business asked me if his new staff, which spanned seven countries and four continents, could understand English. “Yes, they can,” I responded with a smile. “But it doesn’t mean they can understand you, or will follow your direction.” They had all learned English, as taught… Read More

The Secret to Keeping Smart Teams from Failing

Many teams, and especially teams loaded with smart and highly educated people, fail because management and team members do not understand the fundamental differences in communication styles among employees. I learned this lesson up close and personal, working with research and development (R&D) teams in the Aerospace industry. The head of R&D was frustrated with… Read More

Six Steps that Enable Virtual Teams to Outperform Co-located Teams

MIT researchers found that there are three characteristics that allow virtual teams to outperform co-located teams. The three characteristics are: having team members who communicate effectively, participate equally, and are good at reading emotions. They also found that having women on teams helps because women, on average, are better than men at reading facial expressions,… Read More