Airbnb’s Hyper-growth, HR and AI, The Truth About Gender Bias in Leadership

Are you ready for the disruptive spirit of HR? If you have never experienced a DisruptHR event, expect high energy, fast pace, fresh and leading content like you have never heard before. Food, wine, and beer. The audience is encouraged to holler, text and tweet.

DisruptHR is an information exchange of 12 speakers presenting fresh thinking on HR, talent, culture, and technology.

Each speaker gets five minutes, and 20 slides. The slides rotate every 15 seconds.

Our April 27th event was a sell out with 250 attendees. This one will be too! Buy your tickets now during our Early Bird special!

We have an amazing group of disruptive speakers:

  • Andrea Robb of Airbnb will present, “In hyper-growth, speed is the enemy of learning. How to keep your enemy close!”
  • Nancy Hauge will share how HR is re-imagined in a BOT economy that currently includes over 10 million “digital workers.”
  • Professor Terri Griffith will share how work and HR changes as Artificial Intelligence evolve in, “Lose Your Job or Gain a Partner: What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your organization?”
  • Derek Sidebottom will share his observation on how the workforce is more fluid, and the changes companies need to make.
  • Leann Pereira will present, “Sweet Little Lies: The controversy of telling women the truth about gender bias in leadership.”
  • Clio Knowles of Virgin Hotels will share, “Alumni, Boomerangs, and Culture: Why They Matter!”

And there are six more speakers with disruptive thinking! Join us at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on October 17th from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Take advantage of our early bird special this week. Learn more and Register Here.

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