Dramatically improve your recruiting with this one solution

We recently found more than 30 new, qualified hard-to-find candidates for a client in mere seconds. The client could not have found these people after posting the job on Indeed and Career Builder and searching on LinkedIn.

How did we do it? We used a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform created for recruiting.

By using AI, we can find job candidates in seconds, and then you can spend your valuable time building relationships and wooing them.

We have been so impressed with the AI platform of ThisWay Global, we have decided to add it to our recruiting service. And make it available to you.

How it works

This software is as easy as it is powerful. All it requires is a 30 to 60-minute strategic sourcing meeting with me or one of my associates, then clicking search, waiting a few seconds, then sharing the resulting candidate list with you. If necessary, we may refine the search to find you more or better-qualified candidates.

Then the list can be yours. If you prefer we can directly contact, screen, and recruit the candidates for you.

Could it be any simpler?

ThisWay Global has spent the past three years developing and refining their AI platform. Now they have a database of more than 300 million global workers and the digital ontologies to link them to your job profiles. The platform automatically searches 20 job boards and LinkedIn.

It can be set up for even more powerful searches to find passive candidates, diverse candidates, and veterans. It can even search your Applicant Tracking Systems to find qualified candidates who applied for other jobs.

Now is the time

Many human resources organizations have been hesitant to use AI fearing the technology is a hoax, too expensive, or that it will decimate the role of the recruiter.

As a fellow HR leader, I appreciate these concerns. But I don’t believe the fears are necessary.

I can tell you that the technology is real (I have seen it work). I believe it will save you time and money with less spending on job postings and reduced turnover by hiring better qualified candidates.

The recruiter role will change from spending less time conducting painstaking social media searches for candidates to spending more time recruiting great future employees.

Would you like to learn more? See a demonstration? Are you ready to use AI now?

Email me at VA@VictorHRConsultant.com to discuss further and to arrange a demonstration.

Victor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and is a Managing Partner of InnovationOne. He consults and provides “hands-on” support for innovation, global talent strategies, developing agile leaders and teams, and other strategic initiatives. Visit http://www.victorhrconsultant.com for valuable free reports. For research on innovation visit http://www.InnovationOne.io.

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  1. Yes, I agree with your thoughts. By using Artificial Intelligence recruiting tool or software we can find a better candidate in seconds without spending a lot of time and money.So the use of AI recruitment tool helps in recruiting process.

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