Digitization Comes to HR!

Human Resources executives now have access to digital tools that have empowered cancer specialists to make breakthroughs. These same tools have also helped marketing organizations find new customers, attract them to the company’s brand, and build relationships with them.

These tools will disrupt how HR recruits, develops strategic talent pools, identifies job competencies, conducts benefits open enrollment, and improves diversity and inclusion.

Digitization will also automate the administrative aspects of human resources roles, empower recruiters, business partners, and organization development specialists, provide HR with better analytics than it has had before, and propel HR to be a stronger strategic player.

Research shows that HR has been slow to adopt digitization, and for the unaware digitization may also lead to bad hiring and performance management decisions and perpetuate stereotypes. The time is now to begin using these tools.

Join my free, one-hour webinar on Thursday, March 21, at noon Pacific and Arizona time and learn the following:

  • Definition of the Internet of Things (IoT), digitization, and how it affects HR now.
  • How digitization will hack the way HR recruits, improves diversity and inclusion, identifies the best job competencies, and changes how we will conduct performance management, 360 reviews, health care management, and succession planning
  • The potential Blockchain offers to improve HR in the new future
  • The pitfalls of digitization and why to be wary of certain start-ups
  • The leading companies that provide digitization for HR purposes
  • A checklist to use when selecting HR technology vendors

Today, the digital tools to build the company brand are equally available to marketing and HR. For HR, the smart application of these tools will make HR a stronger strategic business partner with superior analytics that will enable the company’s profitable growth and provide the business with a return on its investment.

During Thursday’s free webinar, I will share exciting news about digitization from my upcoming book, Hack Recruiting.

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Victor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and is a Managing Partner of InnovationOne. He consults and provides hands-on support to improve recruiting and retention, cultures of innovation, and develop agile leaders and teams. You can subscribe to his weekly blogs that will help you overcome obstacles to improve your employee recruiting and retention and to develop and nurture cultures of innovation by visiting http://www.victorhrconsultant.com.

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