Girlfriend’s desire to stroll on the beach led to the creation of TerrainHopper

TerrainHopper USA Founder Todd Lemay, Tempe Chamber Ambassador Gary Johnson, Tempe Chamber Dir. of Business Development, Erika Acorn, and Victor Assad

The inspiration for TerrainHopper’s off-road mobility vehicles was founder Todd Lemay’s desire to stroll on the beach with his girlfriend. “I remember 20 years ago being so excited that I just bought a van enabling me to drive, and now I had a girlfriend,” Todd explained. He drove her to California to spend time on the ocean.

They loved the view, sound, and salty fresh air of the ocean, but his girlfriend (now his wife) wanted to walk on the beach. Todd’s electric wheelchair could not venture on to the sand. “That experience,” Todd explained, “I never forgot.”

It inspired Todd to create TerrainHopper USA and build mobility all-terrain vehicles to enable the mobily impaired to participate on hikes and other adventures with their friends and family. The vehicles are built in Tempe, AZ.

I and other attendees of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce AM mixer were able to take the electric-powered mobility vehicles out for a test drive. What fun. They can go up and down inclines, climb over curbs, and they can even tow up to 6,000 pounds.

TerrainHopper ships vehicles across North America. Todd is working on rental options for those who are temporarily immobile.

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