Watch my new video podcast series!

You will find valuable insights from my new video podcast series, “Hack Recruiting and HR.”

My video podcast series picks up where my book Hack Recruiting left off, keeping you up-to-date with today’s ongoing HR technology innovations. It provides insightful interviews with leading HR technologists, innovators, and early-moving practitioners.

The videos include interviews with Angela Hood of ThisWay Global, Sahil Sahni of AllyO, Beth White of MeBeBot, Imo Udom of Wepow, Sandeep Purwar of Bevov, and serial entrepreneur Brandon Metcalf, founder of Bullhorn and Place Technology.

These innovators provide valuable insights for improving recruiting and employee experiences, automating process, and for selecting HR technology platforms.

You can listen to it while you drive to work or watch it at lunch or on commuter trains.

Start watching today to learn how digital technologies are hacking recruiting and HR!

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