We are here to help you survive the COVID19 crisis.

Trusted Leadership During the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 has dramatically rocked the economy leaving 17 million Americans unemployed (to date) and is upending our habits for conducting business. Many of my clients, and many of you, have experienced the mad scramble to work from home. And sadly, many of you are facing the tough decisions to reduce hours, cut pay, and reductions-in-force.

I remind executives that how they pivot during a crisis critically impacts their companies’ long-term employee loyalty, employer brand, customer engagement, and profitability.

In this crisis, we are ready to help you and your employees overcome these urgent circumstances.

Complimentary One Hour Strategy Session. I am offering a complimentary one-hour strategy session on how to handle these issues and to emerge from the coronavirus as a stronger and more profitable business.

Insightful Blogs. I have refocused my blogs to share insights on these issues and to help your talent strategies smartly navigate COVID-19. In addition, my blogs cover essential legal issues and the new federal programs that guarantee sick days and expand family and medical leave during COVID19–and reimburse your company. I also provide insights from my many years of experience in past recessions.

My blogs also explain how to pick up the pieces from the mad scramble to work-from-home and how to make remote work productive, as seamless as possible, and a good experience for employees. These remote work blogs are based on my expertise, launching the successful flexible workplace environment at Medtronic’s Coronary and Peripheral business in Santa Rosa, CA.

New podcasts. To help disseminate this information, I have launched a podcast series, “Leadership During the Corona Virus Crisis.” Currently, four podcasts are posted, which are listed below, and more are coming:

We remain ready to assist you in pivoting with smart talent strategies during the COVID19 crisis, emerging as a more profitable business when the recovery starts.

I invite you to learn more and to contact me today for the one-hour strategy session!

In the meantime, I trust you and your families and employees are safe. I urge you to follow the advice of healthcare providers: practice social distancing, frequently and thoroughly wash your hands, and work from home as much as possible.

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Victor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and managing partner of InnovationOne. He works with companies to improve their recruiting, HR operations, and develop extraordinary leaders, teams, and cultures of innovation.

His new book is Hack Recruiting: the Best of Empirical Research, Method and Process, and Digitization. Subscribe to his weekly blogs at www.VictorHRConsultant.com. Watch his video podcasts on “Leadership During the Coronavirus” and “Hack Recruiting” at https://victorhrconsultant.com/video-podcasts/

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