Happy New Year! My Most Popular Blogs of 2019

Wishing you a happy and joyous New Year. Below are my most popular blogs in 2019!

Newly Promoted to VP? Your Learning has Just Begun!

A new vice president reached out to me recently to discuss how to prepare for her new role. “What do I need to do differently?” she asked.

Every promotion is a passage to a new level of leadership I told her. “Are you ready to stop doing what led to your promotion, and begin learning new skills and behaviors?” She looked shocked…


Five Questions to Screen for Emotional Intelligence

Many clients and readers have asked me for a simple list of questions to use while screening for emotional intelligence. EI has been shown by research to be the secret sauce for selecting executives, first level managers, and customer facing employees who will succeed – it’s even more important than high IQ…


Preventing human and AI bias when recruiting

Many pundits and HR leaders are raising legitimate concerns about bias in Artificial Intelligence platforms used for recruiting. These concerns are well founded, but let’s not forget a hiring bias that’s even more pervasive: the biased hiring decisions humans unwittingly make every day.

We can correct human and AI bias. Here is my analysis:


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