Newly Promoted to VP? Your Learning Has Just Begun.

A new vice president reached out to me recently to discuss how to prepare for her new role. “What do I need to do differently?” she asked. Every promotion is a passage to a new level of leadership I told her. “Are you ready to stop doing what led to your promotion, and begin learning… Read More

Performance Management Changes Are Often the Missing Link with Innovation

I was seated at an innovation conference for lunch, when the Research and Development leader of a major U.S. active sportswear maker told me he had a confession. His organization was successful at creating new ideas, selecting the best ones to advance, and project- managing those ideas, but their innovations often stalled because the organization’s… Read More

Wells Fargo ignored early signals of cultural breakdown!

Wells Fargo’s CEO, John Stumpf, defiantly told congressional investigators that, despite a multi-year scandal and $185 million fine, the bank did not have a culture problem.[i] But, when 5,300 employees are fired for a five-year pattern of stealing private records, you have more than a culture problem. You have a problem with executive leadership. You… Read More

CEOs Can Have It All: Great Financial Performance and Innovation!

Innovation remains a continuing concern for CEOs. Highly innovative companies, such as Tesla, Salesforce.com, and Alexion Pharmaceuticals, garner the admiration of others. Many executives, however, tell me that their CEOs resist taking steps to improve innovation for fear that their organizations will lose focus on current operations and miss their financial goals. Becoming a highly… Read More

Incomplete science has shrunk learning organizations. Time for a comeback.

If you listen to some of the pundits or review the marketing materials of technology platforms that offer instant on-line learning, you could come to the conclusion that there is no need for organizational learning. I couldn’t disagree more. In today’s tight U.S. labor market, executives are increasingly concerned about how to retain employees, increase… Read More

Ignite the Innovation Engine!

Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, research shows that powerful leaders who foster innovation generate measurable new value for their organizations. InnovationOne provides a scientifically-based blueprint for successfully creating an innovative culture in your organization. Learn to use this proprietary assessment tool, the Innovation Health Index, benchmarked in over 2,000 organizations, to ignite the power… Read More

The key to retaining employees is in making the talent management pivot!

Wharton professor Peter Cappelli observes that the staffing of human resources departments is cyclical[i] – staffing goes up in expanding economies and down during recessions. Unfortunately, when human resource staffs are cut back during recessions, businesses lose their talent management expertise and mindset. Currently, as the U.S. economy chugs along to full employment, businesses are… Read More

Igniting innovation begins with business leaders and the culture they develop!

Many mid-cap and large companies long for more innovation to stimulate growth in a challenging, and fast-changing global business environment. A PwC Pulse Survey of 246 CEOs shows that 97% of business leaders see innovation as a top priority for their businesses.[i] While many executives want to ignite the innovation of their employees, they struggle… Read More