Why it doesn’t matter that the gig workforce may be shrinking…

The percentage of Americans working in alternative work arrangements — such as independent contractors, on-call workers, and those who contract through a third party — has shrunk 0.6% since 2005.  According to a US Labor Department report, the total of people working in such alternative arrangements now is 10.1% According to the survey, this change… Read More

The Key to Succession Planning Is Three Components of Leadership Potential!

Your organization can’t afford to stumble with leadership at the CEO, senior management, or middle management levels. But when you look at the top of organizations, 39% of companies today have no viable candidate to replace their current CEO; and only 54% of company Board of Directors are grooming a specific CEO successor.[i] The labor… Read More

Can we face the truth about employee engagement?

That was the best training I ever had for team leadership, the director told me, after a half-day employee engagement training. The objective of the program was to improve the relationship building skills of leaders with each of their team members—and employee retention. The director went on to explain that he always achieved his goals,… Read More

Can we face the truth? HR doesn’t have Big Data. Now what?

Every time I hear a presentation from a Silicon Valley based human resources organization about its Big Data analysis of the workforce, I remember Peter Cappelli’s article in the Harvard Business Review, “There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in HR.” Most organizations, Cappelli observes, have thousands of employees, not millions. And the documented performance… Read More

Reinvented talent management guides GE’s transformation

I have long felt that nothing is worse than a big company that can’t grow organically. So, writes retiring GE CEO, Jeff Immelt in a piece for the Harvard Business Review on the eve of the transition of GE’s leadership. What a difference the Internet of Everything and a CEO make! I remember his predecessor,… Read More

Lessons from a San Francisco Start-up and Travis Kalanick

“I hate Human Resources,” the CEO began. “When I worked at Sun Microsoft, Human Resources was always getting in the way, with its bureaucracy and rules.” The sneer on his face suggested that he not only hated Human Resources policies and procedures, but also the people in HR. “Why am I here?” I asked. “You… Read More

Ten Steps for Awesome Onboarding and Higher Productivity!

Do you want to have faster time-to-full productivity for your new hires?  Improved retention? Higher employee engagement? Have your new hires be your best new hire referral source? Who doesn’t? So, what is your company doing to have an awesome onboarding program? The Aberdeen Group, in a 2009 study, found that companies with effective onboarding… Read More

DisruptHR-San Francisco Speakers Announced

The speakers for the San Francisco Bay Area’s first DisruptHR include CEOs, technologists, artificial intelligence experts, human resources thought leaders and others ready to disrupt HR. Are you tired of the same old approach to Human Resources? Are you ready to start talking about talent and technology in a whole new way? Then DisruptHR is for… Read More

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Their Workforce

Many CEOs will tell you that their workforce is their strongest asset. They write mission statements and hang their carefully crafted values on the walls of their entrance lobbies and conference rooms. They profess their commitment to hiring the best employees and offering them great careers. While all this may be great, it’s often just… Read More